Horace Logan White

Horace Logan White

Who is Horace Logan White, and what are his complete details? You would be surprised to hear specifics about him once you learn more about his personality because he is not a current celebrity. Even if there isn’t much to know about him, if you are familiar with Betty Marion White, there are still a few things you should be aware of. What ties the two of them together? Only after reading the complete essay about Horace Logan White will you get the answer.

To learn more about Horace Logan White and the cause of his fame, continue reading this article.

Early Years

Christian Hans Rasmussen and Etta K R White’s kid Horace Logan White has won his parents’ love for various reasons. Because he inherited his charming nature from his father, Horace Logan White was recognized for being able to win over everyone. He wed his wonderful wife, Christian Tess White, on February 17, 1921, and lived his life in devotion to her until he died in Los Angeles on November 16, 1963.

His daughter Betty Marion White, referred to as the monarch of her father’s heart, was the only child he had with his wonderful bride. One of the most intriguing things about him is that he was a veteran of World War One who regained his honor.


Horace Logan White’s education is not famous, even though much of his private information is public knowledge, and he had his birth in 1899. Nothing about his high school education, including where he attended classes, has been made public online. Even the audience is kept in the dark regarding a college degree.


His professional background is public because he served in World War One and was a purchasing agent. In addition, he was employed by a reputable Crouse-Hinds company as a sales representative. He gained knowledge about various relevant corporate goods and traffic signals in general.

Net Worth of Horace Logan White

Unfortunately, Horace Logan White is no longer living, so neither his income nor his net worth is present. It is pretty pointless to look up his net worth because he is no more, and there is never any information available about his wealth or his source of income.

Summary of Horace Logan’s Life

Christen Hans Rasmussen Hvid, his father, was 33 at the time of Horace Logan White’s birth on May 30, 1899, in Negaunee Township, Marquette, Michigan, and Etta K. Lundy, his mother, was 35. On February 17, 1921, in Cook, Illinois, he wed Tess Christine Cachikis. They raised at least one daughter. In 1900, he resided in Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin, and for roughly 15 years after that, in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. He enlisted in the military in 1917. He got interred in a Park in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, on November 16, 1963, after he passed away in California, United States, at age 64.

Political Opinions:

In today’s culture, political opinions are quite significant. They can ascertain a person’s voting record, political views, and allegiances. White politics are among the most well-known political ideologies. White, a Republican who held conservative ideals, belonged to the party. In addition, he held a rigid stance on illegal immigration, one of the key disagreements between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

White, a Republican who held conservative ideals, belonged to the party. He frequently referred to himself as a “hard-core conservative” and was open in his opposition to homosexual rights and abortion. After a protracted fight with pancreatic cancer, White passed away in 2011.

The cause of his fame

Horace Logan White gained notoriety through his daughter, Betty Marion White, who is now famous as one of the best American actresses and a comedian. The fact that his father was popular among people was crucial because Betty Marion, one of the top actresses in America, had devoted admirers who were curious about her family.


Horace Logan White was a straightforward purchasing agent who valued his tiny family above all else. Everyone directly related to him, from his parents to his kids, always had a place in his heart.

Death of Horace Logan White

Many people were sad about the passing of World War I veteran and radio maker Horace Logan White. The majority of individuals expressed their sorrow at this outstanding person’s passing. At age 64, he passed away in Westwood, Los Angeles County, California, USA, on November 16, 1963. A brief sickness caused his death.

On December 31, 2021, his actress daughter Betty White, his only child, passed away in her sleep. Logan had his job as a sales representative for the Crouse-Hinds Company, a goods manufacturer for traffic lights and other related items. He had held a position as a purchasing agent. Because he had driven to succeed financially, he constructed radios that he sold or traded for other products.


White was well-known in politics and business, renowned for his unconventional viewpoints. In 1946, he passed away. He was born in 1874. White amassed wealth in the coal business and held the chairmanships of other significant businesses, including General Motors and the United States Steel. In 1932, he was a member of the U.S by winning elections. Senate from Tennessee and served until 1945. White was also a well-known political analyst and thinker who frequently spoke about current events on national television. His life story serves as an illustration of how, despite challenging circumstances, perseverance and hard effort can lead to success.

Horace L. White, a World War I veteran and electrical supply trader, appeared to be doing okay despite the coming Great Depression because his family owned their home and—perhaps more importantly for Betty’s future career—a radio. A single sibling of the opposite gender and their Canadian-born mothers raised Horace and Tess in Chicago.

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Both had immigrant fathers, meaning White’s four grandparents were all born outside of the United States, although the details are stunning. DNA tests have also revealed that Betty White is one-quarter Danish, one-quarter Greek, one-quarter Canadian, one-quarter Welsh, and one-quarter English. She has long-established branches in her Canadian part. It was all about Horace Logan White and his reason for fame.


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