Grace Charis

Grace Charis

Grace Charis, born in 2001, is a golfer, Tiktok star, Instagram model, and social media celebrity based in the United States. She rose to prominence after her Tiktok short videos went viral. She now has nearly two million followers on the quick video-sharing app. Her brilliant golf skills, combined with her stunning appearance, have helped her become a platform celebrity.

Grace Charis Biography: Grace Charis Wiki

Grace Charis was born in California, USA, to an American family. She is her nickname, and her zodiac sign is unknown. According to her Twitch channel’s bio, Grace attends the University of California, Los Angeles, to study Geography. However, whether she dropped out or continued her studies following her online success is unknown.

Boyfriend, Parents, and Siblings of Grace Charis

Grace Charis is a single woman. She has a long way to go to find a partner and marry because she is a new adult. According to her relationship status, Grace is not currently dating. It is more likely that she wants to improve her social media presence to live a comfortable life as an influencer.

Grace is of mixed ethnicity and American nationality. She has not, however, disclosed any information about her father, mother, or siblings on the Internet. We can conclude from extensive research that she has not yet uploaded any of her family members’ photos or videos to the Internet.

Grace Charis’s Age, Height, and Other Facts

Grace Charis will be 21 in 2022. Her age is mentioned in her Twitch channel’s bio, but she hasn’t revealed her birthday. Grace has blue eyes and blonde hair. Her body measurements are 33-23-35, and she wears size 7.5 shoes (US). Her physical features include a stunning face and a captivating smile.


Grace Charis began her social media career on Tiktok over a year ago. She made a Tiktok account for herself, graceeecharisss, and began uploading short videos. In terms of content, she posts various videos, including lip-syncs, golf clips, and POV videos.

As previously stated, her golfing abilities and stunning appearance caused her videos to go viral on the app. She also uses a high-quality camera and only posts high-quality videos.

Many videos have recently appeared on Tiktok’s for you page. She has numerous videos with over a million views. She currently has over 1.7 million followers and 30 million total likes. If she continues to grow at her current rate, she will likely surpass two million followers soon.

She is very active on Instagram, according to her social media handles. In February of this year, she made her first Instagram post. We believe she has been on the platform for several years.

She also has a YouTube channel where she posts lengthy videos. Grace debuted on YouTube in December of last year. She uploads golf vlog-style videos to her channel. Because YouTube recently launched Shorts, she began uploading her Tiktok videos to the platform to increase her popularity. She currently has over 51,000 subscribers and 9 million total views.

Grace Charis’s net worth

Grace Charis has a net worth of 700,000 dollars (estimated). She makes the most of all social media platforms to generate a substantial income. Tiktok does not pay any advertising revenue, so she must rely solely on sponsorships. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of her promoting any brand on her Tiktok account.

She could not earn a living despite millions of followers (combined) on these platforms. She created her Onlyfans account to monetize her exclusive premium content. Looking at her Onlyfans account, we can see that she has made her subscription plan accessible. However, she makes money from other features such as PPV content and tips. Because these figures fluctuate so much, estimating her earnings from this source is difficult. She is even a member of another Onlyfans account called Golf Girls.

Though we already mentioned that she is active on Instagram, she is also swamped on Snapchat. On her gracecharisxo Snapchat account, she posts short videos. Many creators jumped on Snapchat after the launch of Snapchat Spotlight to make tonnes of money, including Katie Feeney, who made seven figures.

On Cameo, she charges $20 for personalized video messages. It is a great side income for her because her fans frequently request customized videos.


She runs a Discord server with nearly 15,000 members.

Grace has over 316k Instagram followers and follows 56 people.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

She has 151k Twitter followers and has made less than a hundred tweets.

No talent; a management company is in charge of her.

Purple is her favorite color.

She doesn’t have any tattoos on her body.

She enjoys playing golf in her spare time.

Victor Hovland is her favorite gold player.

Wrapping Up!

Grace Charis, a well-known American golfer, social media influencer, only fans star, content creator, and entrepreneur from Newport Beach, California, has recently gained internet fame across all platforms. She is a famous golf player who rose to prominence due to her golf tips and viral and sensational YouTube videos. As a model, she has worked with various fashion products and brands.

Wrapping Up!

She also took part in several podcasts and talk shows. Her YouTube channel has over 37k subscribers. She also makes lip sync videos and dance moves.

It is not the first time an internet celebrity has risen to prominence. The Internet puts visually stimulating content right at your fingertips. Her presence and activity on various social media sites also contribute to her growing celebrity.

Furthermore, TikTok has incredible reach and penetration. Since its inception in 2018, it has experienced unprecedented growth. Surprisingly, it went from a forgotten time pass tool to the top-rated free entertainment app in the Apple Store. Grace Charis was born in the American city of Newport Beach. She has always enjoyed sports, particularly golf since she was a child. As a result, she began competing in professional golf tournaments in her high school years. Her parents are both Americans. Her father is a businessman, and her mother is a stay-at-home mom. According to her interview, her parents are her lifeline and are entirely supportive of everything she does.

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Her career is thriving right now as a result of the multiple streams of income she has generated. She owns a site where she sells her merchandise. Aside from that, she provides helpful golf tips on YouTube. It is all about Grace Charis and her life!


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