Dylan Eason

Dylan Eason

A Colorado jury found Dylan Eason guilty of killing his stepmother, 50-year-old veterinarian Cynthia Campbell Eason, who had previously worked in the Kansas City region.

The resident of Topeka was discovered dead in April 2016 at her residence in Burlington, Colorado, a city close to the Kansas border located on Interstate 70.

For her slaying, the police detained two young males. One was Dylan Eason, her husband Jon Eason’s 19-year-old son.

According to the Facebook page of the Burlington police department, a jury convicted Dylan Eason, now 20 years old, guilty of murder, aggravated robbery, and first-degree burglary on Thursday following a trial that lasted almost two weeks.

Isaiah Churchwell, who was also in jail for the murder last year, entered a plea of guilty to aggravated robbery and second-degree murder. At the time, he was 24. The district attorney’s office states that he is presently completing a 52-year term for his participation.

Cynthia Eason, a cherished veterinarian, was brutally murdered in her home in April 2016. In “Evil Lives Here: My Son Should Die in Prison,” an Investigation Discovery documentary, Dylan Eason, her stepson, is revealed to be one of the two people who killed her. The programme examines Dylan’s problematic past and how a prompt inquiry resulted in Dylan’s arrest and subsequent sentence. We can answer your question about where he might be right now.

Dylan Eason: Who is he?

After discovering his stepmother’s savage beating in her home, Dylan Eason became the centre of attention in Burlington, Colorado. Cynthia was Dylan’s wife, and his father, Jon Eason, was not home at the time of the incident. The 50-year-old died in the bedroom on April 29, 2016. Sharp trauma was the cause of death.

The cops immediately zeroed in on Dylan, 19, and Isaiah Churchwell, 24, thanks to a tip. Growing up was difficult for Dylan. His father claims that he had issues in school before eventually dropping out. Additionally, he had prior encounters with the law. Dylan was living with a buddy at the time after moving out. Following the incident, a neighbour remarked, “His pals told me he often claimed he would snap one day. I was aware of his violent nature.

The police claim that on that day, Dylan and Isaiah broke into Cynthia’s residence, assaulted Cynthia, and then fled the scene with valuables they had taken. Jon thought they both stole to support their drug addictions. First-degree murder, first-degree burglary, aggravated robbery, and theft were all charges against them. Isaiah later accepted a plea bargain and admitted to second-degree murder and aggravated robbery. He received a sentence of 52 years in prison. Dylan decided to testify.

Dylan Eason Now

He was guilty in March 2017, little over a year after the murder, following a trial that lasted roughly two weeks. After nearly eight hours of discussion, the jury convicted him of murder, aggravated robbery, and first-degree burglary. “This was a heinous crime committed in an exceptionally brutal manner dispossessing our society of a wonderful and beloved woman in Dr. Eason,” the district attorney said in response to the verdict. “While her loss remains tragic, I hope this conviction can bring some closure to the family,” he added.

Dylan Eason had a life sentence without the chance of release. According to prison records, he is still in jail at the Fremont Correctional Facility in Caon City, Colorado.

Jon Eason describes his son Dylan Eason’s early upbringing in the Investigation Discovery documentary “Evil Lives Here: My Son Should Die in Prison.” When he was 19, Dylan brutally attacked Cynthia’s house and killed her. After the tragedy, Jon talked about losing both his son and wife. Dylan had a difficult existence before he was behind the bars for his crimes. Jon clarifies some events while Dylan grew up in the ID special. So here’s what we know if you’re wondering where Jon might be.

Who is Jon Eason?

Before getting married to Dylan’s mother, Jon Eason began working as an agricultural pilot. In the end, Dylan moved in with Jon sometime in November 2007 after they divorced. In 2011, he connected with Cynthia on a dating website. On May 8, 2012, he wed the veterinarian. In Burlington, Colorado, the two ran a mixed-practice veterinary clinic. Jon remarked about Cynthia, “She transformed me in so many ways. She calmed me down by taking an aggressive pilot who loved to take chances in aeroplanes.

Update by Dylan’s Father

On the program, Jon discussed how Dylan had run into trouble at school. He claimed that Dylan and a friend had once stolen Cynthia’s car and damaged it. Jon was adamant about Cynthia wanting to press charges against Dylan, and he spent some time in a juvenile facility. When Dylan turned 18, the young boy decided to drop out of school and move out of the house. At the time, Jon declared that he still didn’t want to give up on Dylan and hoped to help him obtain his GED and perhaps enrol in community college. But things didn’t turn out how we had hoped.

When the tragedy happened on April 29, 2016, Jon was present at work in another city. He returned home after receiving a phone call from the police reporting Cynthia’s murder. When Dylan and his friend, Isaiah Churchwell, broke into her house, she was the victim of a brutal assault. The blunt force trauma killed Cynthia. Later, Jon remarked, “I want the world to know what a lovely woman she was. She was my closest pal. Although I can’t picture living without her, I will have to, which stinks. Dylan had charges of murder, robbery, and burglary in March 2017 and given a life sentence without the chance of release.

Jon Eason demanded that his son and the friend receive the death punishment for their horrific deeds following the tragedy. The man declared that I’d never experienced hatred before, but I was so overcome by it that I wanted my child and his friend to pay with their lives. I’m embarrassed to feel this way because I know Cindy would find my wrath and madness unbearable.

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Since then, Jon has kept a low profile, and little is public about his present whereabouts or job. He did mention Dylan on the programme, saying that he hadn’t spoken to him since the murder and that he could never forgive him. It was all about Dylan Eason and his story.


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