Can You Get Married During the Kentucky Derby?

During the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is the public focus every year, featuring some of the fastest horses on the planet and some incredible fast-paced action. The Kentucky Derby is scheduled for May 7th this year, and thousands of lucky fans that managed to get their hands on a ticket will enjoy this glamorous event in the first person.

However, apart from the exciting race, the Kentucky Derby offers plenty of more entertainment. The festive vibe starts days before the main event, followed up with a few warm-up races.

The Kentucky Derby is hosted by Churchill Downs a renovated racecourse with restaurants, apartments, a museum, and a seating capacity of 165,000.

So, as a young couple that shares the same passion for horse racing, besides checking for the 2022 Kentucky Derby odds here you can also tie in the knot during the event!

Is it Possible to Get Married at Churchill Downs during the Kentucky Derby?

Well, the short answer is YES! You can get married during the Kentucky Derby and there are plenty of places where you can organize your party, watch the derby and enjoy some drinks afterward.

There is a specific section dedicated to weddings and the doors are wide open even on the Derby day. Picking the greatest day in the horse racing calendar, and celebrating it with a wedding seems like something out of a fairytale. 

The Kentucky Derby Museum is an open area where weddings can be organized during the Kentucky Derby. By celebrating your special day at the Kentucky Derby Museum, you add your own piece of family history to the track. 

The cherished treasures of the first Saturday in May, the entire horse racing vibe, luxurious ambient, and horse racing legends only add to the excitement of the wedding.

After the reconstruction of Churchill Downs, it opened up many new opportunities and spaces where weddings can be organized. From the classic elegance of The Great Hall to the contemporary charm of the café and the newly constructed outdoor terrace will provide the perfect blend of modern ambient and some Kentucky tradition for your wedding.

On top of that, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on the size of your wedding. You can choose smaller or bigger ceremony areas both indoor and outdoor covered spaces tailored to your unique style, with a rich array of add-on experiences.

The wedding packages at the Kentucky Derby museum start at around $4,000 for 2 rental spaces and 1 hour of the ceremony, and the total climbs up for additional hours or bigger spaces.

There are many fun ways to celebrate your wedding during the Kentucky Derby, where you can include different add-ons that will spice your wedding up. From access to the gift shop to a private historic walking tour of Churchill Downs and Coat Check, this is the ultimate place where horse racing enthusiasts should organize their wedding.

How to Organize Kentucky Derby Wedding

In order to get the best possible experience at the Kentucky Derby, and organize the ultimate wedding of your dreams, you need to get prepared.

  • Set a Tone With the Invitations

In order to get the vibe from it make sure you translate that horse racing magic to your wedding invitations. They should look like people will be attending a Derby, not a wedding.

  • Specify a Dress Code

Since it is one of the most prestigious horse racing events on the planet, a dress code is mandatory. This is a great way to add class to your wedding.

  • Derby Decorations

Even though organizers add a bit of flavor to the ceremony hall with decorations, you can always go a step further and choose your own Derby decorations just to get in the spirit of the big event.

  • School Your Guests about Some Derby Facts

Learning more about horse racing and the history of the Kentucky Derby is one of the reasons why you should organize a wedding at Churchill Downs. Since you are in a place that has been around for almost 150 years, it is fair to spread that knowledge and interesting facts about the big race.

Getting married during the Kentucky Derby is the perfect way to round up this amazing weekend. With that said, this needs a lot of preparation, and since we are only month away from the big event, you should hurry up and make a reservation.


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