How long does it take for a turtle egg to hatch in Minecraft

How long does it take for a turtle egg to hatch in Minecraft

One of the most trending queries of Minecraft players is how long does it take for a turtle egg to hatch in Minecraft. In Java Edition, it is called a turtle egg; in Bedrock Edition, it is called a sea turtle egg. Turtle eggs are often mistaken for Turtle Spawn eggs. Minecraft introduced these eggs in 2018 in version 1.13 of Minecraft. To be very precise, it takes 4-5 nights on average. Some online gaming sources say that it takes 3 nights. In fact, 90% of eggs hatch in seven or less than seven nights. All eggs of a multi-egg block hatch simultaneously. However, a player should take care of being within 128 blocks of the egg because the egg chunk won’t load, not receiving random ticks otherwise.

How long does it take for a turtle egg to hatch in Minecraft ?

Minecraft turtle eggs hatch on regular sand and red sand. After three cracks, eggs are ready to hatch. Eggs are nocturnal critters; they hatch significantly faster at night. During the daytime, it is only a 1\500 probability of egg hatching. Turtle eggs always hatch facing a southward direction.

When is the chance of cracking highest?

It seems like it will take forever for the turtle eggs to hatch most of the time. The most reasonable and promising hour for a turtle egg to hatch is in-game time, i.e., between 3: 36 am to 4:33 am. Any random tick during 21600 to 22550 almost guarantees you an egg hatch. The time window for the player is very narrow (48 seconds). Nearly 95% of eggs hatch during this in-game night window.

How to obtain turtle eggs

Turtle shells are coveted due to their special water-breathing effect. Sometimes, players just want to start a turtle farm. Either way, you will be motivated to obtain them as soon as possible. So, without any further ado, let’s find out the turtle eggs:

  • Find Seagrass using Shears.
  • Find adult turtles in Beach biomes.
  • Feed them to two adult turtles.
  • Turtles are really homie, and remember where their original sand block is. They revert to their home beach to lay eggs.
  • A typical egg block has 1-4 eggs.
  • To get Turtle Eggs with command, type: / give@p Minecraft: turtle-egg 1

How to move Minecraft eggs

To move the eggs to another location, you need Silk Touch enchanted tool. Trying to move them with pistons will result in egg loss. Remember that trying to break the eggs with Silk Touch will revert and reset their growth stage, and breaking them with any other method will cause an egg loss. You can place eggs anywhere, but you must place them on the Sand block or Red Sand block to hatch.

How we can break or disappear Turtle eggs

Technically, turtle eggs are a very fragile block; you can easily break them with a piston or trample them under your walk. If you want turtle eggs to drop something, you should break them with Silk Touch. Most commonly, mobs of turtles, bats, and other players trample them. One egg at a time breaks out of a multiple egg block. However, the chance of egg break is 1/3 if any player or mob falls on it. The chance even trims down to 1/100 if any player or mob stands on them instead of falling.

If I sleep at night, will my turtle eggs be gone?

It would be best if you were very careful about this. It is the main reason many players wake up in the morning and find their turtle eggs disappear. Every kind of Zombies is out on the expedition to find your eggs and trample them.

Move slowly over the eggs while pressing the SHIFT command to prevent trampling.

The growth rate of Minecraft turtle eggs

Minecraft turtle eggs are nocturnal. They grow better at night time, and most probably, they hatch at night time as well. The longest it takes for turtle eggs to hatch in Minecraft is seven days. A very, very tiny fraction takes more than it.

What you must need for hatching

The first and foremost is to be 128 blocks close to the eggs. Turtle eggs go through three stages during their growth stage. Every successive stage looks more cracked than the previous one. If you have a block with multiple numbers of eggs, every egg will hatch simultaneously. Green particles start appearing on the screen when the eggs crack for the first time. You can see a small brown crack line on the eggs at this time. When they crack for the second time, you see that crack line changing its color to dark brown. When you finally hear the blissful voice of the third crack, cute little baby turtles will start moving around the screen.

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Can I speed up the hatching process?

Yes, you can speed up the growth process in many ways:

  1. Baby turtles tend to grow faster if you feed them with Seagrass. Every time you feed them Seagrass, their growth speed expedites by 10%.
  2. Use commands to increase the random tick speed above their default speed. You do it by typing your desired speed after the command:/ game rule random TickSpeed. For example, to set the speed at 100, you’ll type: / gamerule random Tick Speed 100. However, once your baby turtles are hatched, you should adjust your random tick speed back to 3 because your game may behave strangely otherwise.
  3. If you set the growth speed at 0, eggs’ growth will stop altogether. It is how you freeze time in Minecraft.

What to do if Turtle eggs are not hatching?

  • Don’t try to stuff a single block with more eggs. You may put up upto five eggs in a block, but it slows down the process.
  • It would be best if you weren’t more than 50 blocks away from the eggs as a player.
  • Keep a special eye on the placement of the eggs; they should be on regular sand or red sand.

Final Words

Minecraft players are time conscious and want to know how long it takes for the turtle eggs to hatch. Turtle egg hatch is indeed a patience test, but it is easier for you to wait the more dedicated you are. These were all the answers to How long does it take for a turtle egg to hatch in Minecraft.


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