How Covid Brought Long Distance Couples Closer

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Sustaining a long-distance bond is already a challenging uphill struggle, with visitation time being a gift taken advantage of whenever possible. The unrelenting Covid 19 surge led to the suspension of air travel and prevented couples from physically meeting. This coupled with contradictory information and abrupt shifting of stances, optimism was at its lowest, and things looked grim. 

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In the era of Covid, the dynamics of love have evolved, just like everything else in life. Young couples miss each other after weeks of separation owing to Covid restrictions. Although being apart may be challenging and upsetting, it is vital to note that it is not permanent. Expert matchmakers would suggest that there are various innovative ways to stay in touch with your beloved partners while separated, including through mobile apps and by sending classic love letters. 

Long Distance Dating In The Covid Era 


The Coronavirus outbreak gave some spouses the chance to enjoy more time together. The extra obligation of assisting kids with online learning and the complications arising from living in cramped, urban apartments brought challenges.  However, most lovers found that their time together strengthened their bond. 

Other romantic partners had to spend additional time away from their spouses due to work during Covid. For instance, vital employees work long shifts at grocery shops and clinics. Some relations suffered from reduced time together and constant fear about a dear one getting infected with the virus. 

Separated couples have effectively managed to better overcome social distance due to the dynamics of their relations regarding the duration they are together. Additionally, long-distance spouses have had to figure out ways of leveraging technology to work for them and developing methods of communication for when apart. 

The coronavirus has brought long-distance partners together in the following ways; 

Sending Some Adorable Gifts 

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Although we’re all looking to cut costs during the Covid pandemic, we can still explore economical ways to express our love while separated. Sending your partner homemade treats or a lovely pet brings you closer because such small acts of compassion can make a huge difference and divert your attention from what you feel is lacking in your relationship. 

Creating an online photo album or slide presentation 

Not having physical contact with your partner can be depressing; thus, couples have tried to create a virtual photo album. Reminiscing past events is a bonding process that helps couples communicate how they felt about the experience at the time and why it was special. 

Watch A Movie Together 

Although it may not be as enjoyable as visiting the cinema together, you can still watch your favorite Netflix show using the Netflix extension, which synchronizes video playback. You can also engage your partner in a chat while watching. The renowned actor of the reality television show “Mom vs. Matchmaker” propose changing who gets to pick the movie because it’s amazing when you can discover each other’s tastes via movie choices, resulting in a stronger bond. 

Organizing Online Dinners 

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Who says a special meal for two isn’t possible? Set a time to prepare or order a meal together, and then set up a video call to chat as you dine. For a better experience, give it the touch of an actual date, for instance through; dressing up, having a glass of champagne, and creating the right atmosphere. 

Making Voice Notes 

Couples can also share voice notes about their day, evening plans, or cabin fever complaints. Walkie-talkie apps are also another good communication option. Voice notes are an effective and powerful method of letting your partner know they’re in your thoughts. 

Sharing Spotify Playlists 

Separated couples can make a Spotify playlist and share it with their lovers to show them what songs they are listening to. They can even create a mixtape that enables them to add, remove, or rearrange songs. 

Creating A Cook Club 

Select a book that both of you will appreciate, and set aside some time for reading it independently before debating it on zoom. Perhaps carry some champagne to add a little excitement to your discussion. Such shared experiences that involve both partners strengthen relationships. 

Exercising Together 

Couples hugging each other

Partners can stay fit by participating in an online yoga or gym session while video calling. They can also work together by lifting weights or enrolling in the same Peloton session through FaceTime or Zoom. 

Playing Games  


Couples can still spend time together without constantly calling or being on video chats. Play games like Words with Friends with your lover to stay in contact while having a good time.  You can liven up the mood with a friendly challenge such as “loser purchases UberEats.” 



Despite the challenges, couples should explore ways to strengthen their bond, show each other how much they care and engage in individual activities to relieve stress. While there has undoubtedly been some wear-down on dating relationships, couples can continue to provide support, empathy, and consolation for the foreseeable future. Most importantly, note that this predicament shall end, and it’s only a temporary loss of physical closeness. Long-distance relations can have the same intimacy, quality interaction, and fulfillment as geographically nearby relations. 


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