Best Free Things to Do In Las Vegas with Kids

Things to Do In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is in the United States and ranked as 25th most populous city. This city is known for the happening stuff for tourists and thousands of things to do. However, being a little over budget for tourists and having the largest casinos to spend on this city is expensive and the sin city. Las Vegas is also famous for being a popular location for many movie plots.

Free Things to Do In Las Vegas

It has a fun yet mysterious vibe, which best suits stories with genres related to crime or drama. In Las Vegas, it is a different feeling altogether to see the famodssus Caesars Palace or the Stratosphere tower. To be able to experience all this is something one does not forget that easily. However, it is also a family-friendly place with a hotel to stay in with kids, and Las vegas couples activities are long and fun; this article emphasizes cheap things to do in Vegas with Kids rates and what to do in Las Vegas for free that too when traveling with kids or a toddler.

1-The Walk at the Strip

The chaotic strip of the city is one of the most happening areas of Vegas. Taking a walk there is the best free thing to do in Vegas with your toddler, kid, or as a couple, and the people there will be a treat to watch. There is so much to discover there. Three onward in the evening, the street performers are in the streets showcasing themselves. These characters are everywhere and the most fun thing to watch. You can click some shots too.

2-Fountain Show at Bellagio

The fountain of Bellagio is a daily experience in the city. Daily at specific hours, this show takes place, and the scene is unique yet beautiful. This spectacular show is free to watch and enjoy.

3-Free Train Ride at the Strip

If you are with kids and family, and looking for something fun that your whole family could enjoy, then you must have a train ride. This tram is a free trip to Las Vegas. Catch one at the Vegas strip for free and save some time and cash. This can be counted as an activity you can enjoy and can be very convenient and budget-friendly if you stay in one of the hotels at the strip. The main strip has the best hotels to stay in Vegas for kids, and free trams are a bonus.

4-Visit the Seven Magic Mountains

These are colorful piles located in the south of the Las Vegas boulevard. These are large colorful rocks piled one on another and are approximately 35 feet high in the sky. These are artwork installed in the deserted area. To visit these mountains, you do not need any reservations. It is a beautiful photogenic spot and a good thing to show your kids.

5-Watch Volcano at the Mirage

This is one of the classics you can experience in Vegas. This volcano is erupting fire for more than 30 years now. This volcano is preserved and constructed around for tourists. Artificial smoke and drumbeats are combined around the natural firework place to make it even more realistic and intense. The perfect scene to capture and one of the only places to feel a natural warmth. Visiting this volcano is a must. 

6-M&M’s World Las Vegas

A dream place for kids. One of the most fun free things to do in Las Vegas with kids is to visit this place. This store is a treat to watch and explore. This is the world’s largest store of m&ms stored. This is where you can make your customized chocolates and capture Instagram worthy interior. Visit the store and do not forget to enjoy a free 3D movie.

Indoor Activities in Las Vegas

There are several indoor activities you can enjoy in this city, including indoor sports. These include indoor rock climbing, indoor skating, and bowling. These activities are ideal for kids as they ensure security and controlled temperatures.

Other fun and famous activities indoors include the Escape room of Las Vegas. Famous for its thoughtful design and incredible artwork. The most famous ones are Lost Games Chapter 2.

The wreck Room is another indoor activity very popular among teenagers where you can go into a room and ultimately break everything. This is entirely safe as they provide you with the required protective gear.

The Cheapest Things to do in Las Vegas yet so much fun

Suppose you are in Vegas and running on a tight budget but still want to enjoy stuff out. You are saved. There are many activities and fun places where you can enjoy them and all under $20. 

  • The High roller will cost you only $18 however provides you with an opportunity to see Vegas with a bird’s eye view. These rollers consist of air-conditioned pods and are located at the strip. 
  • Shark Week is an aquarium with more than 100 sharks of 15 different species. The ticket to this bay cost only $14.
  • Las Vegas Comedy Club is a place to entertain yourself without stressing down your wallet. The ticket here costs below $20 however will send you home with a smile and an unforgettable experience.


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