7 Exercises That You Can Do on Treadmill 


Treadmills come in various designs, but they always have a flat, revolving belt that allows them to move forward while staying in one place. The majority of treadmill workouts focus on running and walking. Exercises on a treadmill may improve your mood, help you reach your fitness and health objectives, and provide you with a lot of flexibility in your training plans.

You can promote weight reduction and fat burning by running or walking on a treadmill. This aerobic training equipment may serve as a foundation for your cardio workouts. Any form of exercise, even treadmill exercises, can distribute the feel-good hormones ‘endorphins’ throughout your body, enhancing sensations of well-being or even improving your mood.

The treadmill workouts most suited to your demands and preferences are the finest. Here are seven basic and quick treadmill exercises for you:

  • Running:

When trying to be a better runner, you may use your treadmill for as many minutes of training as you need. Work with a personal trainer or set your own daily goals for how much time you should spend training for your next marathon or sprint race. You can improve your running on the treadmill by performing interval training to reap maximum benefits. 

  • Side lunges:

Start moving forward on the band after lowering the treadmill’s speed to 0.5 miles per hour. Put your left hand on the left railing and your right hand on the front handle. Turn your complete body, including both feet, to face the left side of the treadmill after advancing with your right foot. 

Bend your right knee and simply sit into a side lunge while maintaining your left leg erect and your right knee behind your right toes. Next, step your left foot over your right foot while maintaining your balance by pressing into your left heel. Then, move your left foot toward the machine’s front to return to your starting posture.

  • Mountain climbers:

Start at the treadmill’s base. Assume a plank posture with your feet on the belt and your hands on the ground. Draw the left knee to your chest from here, and as the right foot comes back down, do the same with the right knee. To activate the quadriceps and hamstring muscles, the foot should push the treadmill belt aside as it descends.

  • Plank backward crawls:

Start with the treadmill off. With your back to the monitor, position yourself on the band. Put your feet on the metal case in front of the machine and your hands on the band to form a plank stance. Press into your palms to move the band forward and away from your body while keeping your legs stretched and knees locked.

Position your right palm under your right shoulder first, then lift your left palm and place it under your left shoulder while you push. Then, for 30 to 60 seconds, walk your hands backward and push forward to maintain the band moving.

  • HIIT:

HIIT is an option as well. Exercise regimens for HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, alternate between short sprint and cool-down periods. After a brief warm-up, run as quickly as your fitness level will allow for around 30 seconds, and then reduce the speed setting on your treadmill to a comfortable running tempo for two minutes. 8–10 times should be added to this cycle.

  • Use of weights:

During a treadmill walking workout, you can also use bar weights or dumbbells to tone your muscles simultaneously. As a result, you can exercise your quadriceps, upper body, arm muscles, and other muscle groups while performing aerobic exercises.

  • Bodyweight exercises:

It offers a sizable area for bodyweight exercises if you don’t want to use your treadmill to run or stroll. If a gym’s floor is full, you can also perform the following bodyweight exercises:

  • Incline push-ups
  • Leg raises
  • Pikes
  • Knee tucks
  • Bridges
  • Crunches
  • Tricep dips
  • Handstand
  • Conclusion:

Regular workout technique is crucial to maintain the security and efficacy of an exercise program. However, depending on your particular demands, you might need to adapt each exercise to achieve the best results.

A treadmill might be one of several elements of a new workout or fitness regimen. Include warm-ups, breaks, and diet into your training regimen to observe continuous improvement and increase body strength.



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