Where is the circle filmed

Where is the circle filmed

Where is The Circle filmed, Is it in the United States? To give you the most precise answer_ No, The Circle is filmed in Manchester, England. Recently, in May 2022, the fourth season of The Circle was streaming on Netflix. The Netflix viral first hit screens on New Year’s eve 2020.

In comparison, the third and the fourth seasons came out in April and September of 2021. Interestingly, 2020 was the perfect year of its release because its storyline discusses distant social reality. In the pandemic year, the idea of confinement to an apartment and communicating through social media ‘circles’ was a unique premise.  visit here

The show’s story revolves around a rotating cast of players who compete to become the biggest celebrity over a voice-activated social media platform. Moreover, they did everything from presenting their true selves to catfishing through false personalities. Season one ends with one player winning an award of $100,000 for the highest-rated player and $10,000 to the viewers’ Fan Favorite.

Loyal fans quickly got acquainted with the luxury apartment where The Circle is filmed. In addition to watching each contestant in their respective customized apartments, the show incorporates multiple shots of the red-bricked building’s exterior and its giant LED-powered Circle.

So, where exactly The Circle is filmed?

Viewers were wondering about the location of the apartments where The Circle is filmed, judging the place by every possible parameter they can see in the exterior shots, like the weather.

Although the show used shots of Chicago and Milwaukee’s cityscape, the apartments in question are not in any American city because The Circle building has its location in Manchester, U.K. The Circle is filmed in Salford, a small town near Manchester, England, to get more into the map coordinates.

So, where exactly The Circle is filmed?

The Cinemaholic reports The Circle building to be 15 minutes away from the Manchester City Centre, near Irwell River.

Brief profile of The Circle building

The building is located in The Adelphi Wharf Phase One and has 65 units in total. However, the show uses 12 of them for contestants, soundproofed, beautifully decorated, and rigged with filming cameras. For each new contestant, the show redecorates the apartments a bit. The Circle producer, Tim Harcourt, told the Chicago Tribune that the studio has a gym, jacuzzi space, and a yoga room. Moreover, no contestant ever left the building.

Brief profile of The Circle building

Season 1 contestant, Bill Cranley, told the Chicago Tribune that the contestants said in the U.K. for nearly a month, even though the show took only a few weeks to film. He said: ”They wanted us to feel comfortable and cosy in our new environment, and feel at home.”

What was so special about the U.K.? Why The Circle is not filmed in any American city

Like every other loyal fan of The Circle who thinks about it way too often, you must be thinking why The Circle would fly their stand-by contestants and players (that amount to as many as 50 people) to the U.K. for shooting. Actually, The Circle show took its start in the U.K. and extended to include U.S., France and Brazil versions. French and Brazilian versions are available on Netflix. Tim Harcourt told Vulture that all of these international versions of the show are filmed in the Salford apartment building, and all of the versions are filmed in succession.

The show separately kept each apartment ready-steady and furnished for each season.

What about the shots of U.S. cities?

As for the cityscape shots of the U.S. cities, Harcourt forwarded a very logical reason to Vulture_ They were included so that the American audiences may feel familiar with the show’s landscape.

He said: ”For the U.S. version of the show, we wanted the building to be in a nonspecific location like you realize it could be anywhere. However, adding shots of the U.K. and its cities for the American audience didn’t make any sense_ in fact, it was rather confusing_, so we chose to add the U.S. cityscapes to give it an American touch for the majority of the audience who assume that the show is taking place somewhere in the U.S.”

What about the shots of U.S. cities?

Moreover, he shared that they used the same trick for every version of the show, chiming in images of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janerio for the Brazilian version. Sounds like the production team was of the same catfishing mentality as its contestants.

Want to know more fun facts about The Circle building?

If you say yes, first say thanks to Chloe Veitch’s interview with Refinery 29, we have more like a no-holds-barred point of view on what it feels like living in The Circle apartments. For instance, how do you use the washroom? Chloe told Refinery 29 that the contestants just used to give producers a ‘heads up’ or they used to tell them the reason straightly, like: ”I am going to the toilet.” or, ”I’m just gonna pop in the shower.”

Another interesting assumption is what could be the possible cooking situation? Chloe said that all the participants would tell producers all the stuff they wanted and grab all the groceries. They would ask to leave the food at the door because of COVID. But I have no idea how to cook the food, how shopping works, or what to do with ingredients. I would not start asking for pesto. I always had to ask my producer to help me.”

Another interesting query was: did contestants like to go out on balconies? Chloe said that they never, to be very honest because they filmed in the freezing cold of England. Nobody would want to go there.”

Where is the latest season of The Circle filmed?

The Circle season 4, just like its elder siblings, was filmed in Salford, Greater Manchester, U.K. The exact location is again the same: Adelphi Wharf Phase 1 apartment block, and only 12 apartments came into use out of 65.

Final Words

To everyone’s surprise and disappointment, Where the Circle is filmed is not what you think_ It was filmed in Manchester and not Chicago or New York. This was all about Where is the circle filmed.


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