What is Zorb Ball?

Zorb Ball

Zorb is a large glass ball with an outer diameter of 3 meters. It is made of materials such as TPU or PVC to assure the safety and coziness of the players. You will need to blow the ball with gas before riding into it before you play outside. Then you will let the ball roll from a particular slope using gravity and inertia. The security of the Zorb Ball is relatively high. Therefore, there are not many physical restrictions on the players. You can ride with your mates too, and it adds more fun to sliding into an enormous inflatable ball.

Zorbing is an adventure activity involving the rapid descent of a person from an inclined surface in a transparent volume ball. The Zorb is comfortable to ride because it is formed of transparent and flexible plastic. The inflated air serves the purpose of a cushion as it rolls down the slope. There are two layers of plastic, the inside and outer layers with air. Let’s get to know about the Zorb in this article.

History Of Zorb

Zorbing is a sport that has minimal history, to be honest. These balls may look like a novel invention, but they’ve been on the commercial market for two decades. And as a concept, they’ve been around a lot longer than that. The inventor of this fantastic sport was a French experimenter named Gilles Ebersalt, who was a teenager when got this idea. He successfully made a transparent ball in 1973, though it didn’t look as it looks decent these days. Consequently, in 1988 after nearly 15 years, many companies made an improved form of his invention that was more like modern balls.

These balls showed up even in classic movies, like when Jackie Chan found himself in an inflated ball in the 1991 film Operation Condor, where he rolled down the side of a mountain in terrifying stunts. It’s unknown whether Chan used one of Ebersolt’s Ballules or Chan was actually inside the ball when it went down the hill.

Dimensions Of Zorb

Zorb is a massive ball with a total volume of about 12 to 15 m and a weight of 70 to 80 kg. It comprises two layers. You can say two spheres of different sizes. The outer sphere is about twice the inner sphere, and these layers are less than a meter apart. Air fills the space between these two layers to maintain comfort and elasticity. There is a single hole in this giant ball, and the player enters through that hole in the inner sphere to start Zorbing.

How to Use Zorb Ball

Zorbing is an extreme activity in terms of fun and pleasure it gives the athletes. The ball rolls from the hilltop or a slope towards a big piece of land, not controlled by anything. Sometimes, even the player itself cannot stop the ball from rolling. Many players interested in the sport are reluctant to participate, but they want it more when they get used to it. However, the terrifying prospect of rolling alone is not as traumatic as it looks. And to lift all your fears and relish this fantastic sport, you must read all its mechanics.

Where can you perform Zorbing?

While you are curious about where you can perform Zorbing, it is allowed at particular Zorbing locations. For Example, specific zorbing sites such as Zorb Smoky Mountains in Tennessee in the United States. Another place in Rotorua is in New Zealand. Moreover, you can play Zorb on the sand, snowfield, or even on the hillside and a proper slope is available. Furthermore, this ball is available in famous tourist spots and children’s amusement parks. Consequently, Zorbing is ideal for any outdoor location with ample space and slopes.

Types of Zorbing

Zorbing is a sport full of fun and pleasure, and like any other sport, it has its varieties.

1.  Ground Zorbing

This Zorbing type involves a hillside, slope, inclined surface descent, and ball descends from the height. There are two variations such as;

  •   Harness Zorbing has fixtures inside the giant ball that hold the player or passenger inside it, thus making it comparatively secure for the athlete.
  •   Stock Zorbing has no fixtures or bindings to hold the passenger; instead, he is entirely free from the bindings.

2.      Hydro Zorbing

In this type of Zorbing, the player inside the giant ball is suspended. This suspended state is achieved by attaching the passenger with special fastenings. However, there is water in the Zorb Ball itself instead of air. And you will have a unique feeling when you are waiting for it to roll down the hilltop in some water bowl.

3.  Free Zorbing

In this type of Zorbing, the passenger inside the ball harnesses the ball and sets the speed of the rolling giant ball. Thus the ball is in control of the player himself. This type of Zorbing is suitable for those who want to take complete control of the ball.

4.      Aerosorbing

It is more like flying in a wind tunnel. The person or passenger is placed in the ball soaring in the Zorb. The passenger will feel suspended due to weightlessness, and the ball will rotate at a relatively greater speed in space.

5.      Snow Zorbing

Snow zorbing is different from classic Zorbing because you can perform it at a specific time of year. This type of Zorbing is merely for skating on snow or flat surfaces in winter.


Zorbing is a charming and fantastic turn of events, and after all, it is achieved by a Zorb Ball. You can get the best Zorbs available at the Kameymall, with everything customized to your demands. Many people have come with different feelings after having an experience with Zorbing. According to a viewpoint, somebody charged the adrenaline and “rose” from the force. Somebody straightforwardly following Zorbing was euphoric. And also, somebody considered the behavior of riding a zorb as identical pending a thrill ride. Some think that Zorbing was not as remarkable as skipping from a parachute. Regardless of these things, Zorbing is a great sport full of fun.


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