What Is a Removalist?


Ever wondered what a removalist does? This article is to give you information on what exactly is done by them.

Knowing About Removalists:

A Removalist provides professional moving services, in which they transfer your belongings from one place to another.  They also help you in packing all your things up, taking them out of the house and placing them in the van (households only) and they will put everything back when finished. 

The costs are determined by how many items there are, the distance it’s travelled and what time of day it is.  For example; morning or evening rates can be more expensive than regular hours. If you want to find cheaper rates than an urgent rush rate for jobs that need to be done within 2 months earlier for inter-cities. . It is not advisable to wait until the last minute to call a removalist.

The Following is What They Do:

  • Removalist arrives in a van, which can carry up to 8 tonnes worth of goods.
  • They wrap all the furniture in quilts, blankets and plastic sheets so nothing gets dirty or damaged from being in contact with each other.
  • They disassemble anything that needs dismantling, such as furniture and beds or kitchen.
  • They load everything into the van carefully and professionally without causing damage to any walls along the way out. They ensure that your things are packed in a safe place for transportation away from harm.
  • Once everything has been loaded into the van, the Removalist reassembles your furniture for you. But this includes a different package that you consult before hiring.
  • They may have to transport your things via a truck or trailer, depending on the size of what needs transporting away. 
  • Lastly, once everything has been unloaded, they put it back together where needed and ensure that all items are placed in their proper location.

A removalist is someone who oversees plans and executes all aspects of moving goods to other locations. They are also responsible for removing the rubbish after the move is completed. Removalists use different types of equipment to accomplish their job including crates, dollies, trolleys and trucks.

Smaller removalist companies may only hire a limited number of staff members that are required to carry out different roles on the job. For example, labourers will handle all loading and unloading tasks while other workers, like truck drivers, would transport the items to their destination. Other employees may be hired specifically for purposes such as accounting or maintenance of equipment.

Large removalist companies often hire specific individuals with expertise in particular areas. It allows them to complete more jobs at once by delegating responsibilities between team members according to skillset. Above all else, removalists must be very organized because it is their responsibility to make sure that no items get lost or misplaced during the move. They also ensure that customer requests are met regarding specific delivery times and dates like holidays, weekends or after business hours. It’s much more efficient to use a dolly or handcart for this task instead of trying to make someone who is not certified do something they aren’t experienced with or skilled enough to do.


In conclusion, the role of a removalist varies greatly depending on the size, location and type of move being executed. In smaller moves where time isn’t as big of an issue, it would be good if you were able to handle both loading and unloading but in longer jobs where speed is needed then, specialists are usually brought in based on their area of expertise. Whether you’re moving into your first apartment alone or downsizing into an empty nest, hiring professional removals services helps ensure everything goes smoothly without any hiccups.


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