Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Be Physically Active

Physically Active

It is difficult to get the kids outdoors or just to have them do daily exercises. All they want to do is sit comfortably on the sofa and play games on their mobile phones or watch random videos online. This behavior is unhealthy and should not be discouraged. Children should be physically active to build or maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints. For their overall well-being, both physically and mentally, you should encourage your kids to be physically active. Here’s how you can successfully do it.

Fun Activities

One important trick you should know about when planning out activities to get your kids active is to make sure that they’re fun. Children are in constant search of entertainment. They easily get tired and bored. If you instruct them to do an activity, after just an hour they would complain of boredom and search for something new and more fun to do. Learn what activities are interesting to them. For example, if all they do is watch videos of children dancing online. Why not encourage them to get active by dancing?

Active Toys

Provide toys that will give your kids no choice but to get active. Does a phone make your children active? Not unless they start following the children dancing in the videos that they watch. If not, then it’s not an active toy. You should discourage them from too much use of phones. Active toys can be jump ropes, balls, skateboards, or bicycles. Keep in mind that if it’s plastic, it should be non-toxic and children friendly. It is smart if you buy toys that can get your kids active and at the same time, encourage their critical thinking skills such as arts and crafts.


The most direct and the best way to get your kids active physically is to have them do daily exercises. They can walk your dog in the park early in the morning or they can follow exercises online. Introduce fun ways, competition, rewards, and new workout outfits to encourage your kids to do exercises. You can find lots of kids’ running shoes online so that your little ones are encouraged and motivated to wake up early and do morning jogs, knowing that they get to wear new running shoes.

Be A Role Model

Your kids won’t get active if you yourself don’t want to do it. Be a good role model to your children because they copy what their parents do. So, if you do daily exercises you can easily convince your children to do it as well. You can have them join you in your workouts or morning jogs in the park. If you are someone who doesn’t even go out for some fresh air and prefer watching TV all throughout the day, don’t even bother telling your children to do exercises. They won’t believe you.

Household Chores

If you’re thinking of easy ways to get your children to be active, involve them in getting chores done inside the house. Include them in your daily household chores schedule. If they are old enough and capable enough, have them do the dishes, sweep the floor, clean the bathroom, and in other simple and easy household chores. Not only do you get additional help to maintain the cleanliness of your house, but you also get your kids to be physically active.


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