The Story of Actor Gong Yoo

Actor Gong Yoo

Born in Busan, Korea, on July 10, 1979, Actor Gong Yoo Gong Ji Chul is one of the famous actors native to South Korea. He is better known by his nickname Gong Yoo, which is derived from his parents’ last names: “Gong”, his father’s last name, and “Yoo”, his mother’s last name.

 While there is little to no information known regarding this famous actor’s childhood, it was revealed that he is an offspring of Confucius, a well-known Chinese philosopher from the Gokbu Gong clan. Gong Yoo became an actor almost immediately after studying theatre at Kyung Hee University.

Unlike many other famous film actors, this star prefers to remain quiet when away from acting, with almost zero social media presence, and, oddly enough, he doesn’t have an Instagram account. Many enthusiastic fans would want to know his real life, which is natural anyway, but it has always been very hard to narrate his story considering his preference for a quieter life. His seasoned fans, however, have an idea of his narrative.

 Gong Yoo is elusive, and with his near-zero social media presence, it is hard to understand his dating life or unravel information concerning his girlfriends. If you are fascinated by Gong’s acting or just love tales you hear regarding his career as an actor and want to know more, keep on checking his fan platforms. That is probably how you will get to know his real life.

 Gong Yoo acting career

 After graduating from Kyung Hee University, Gong Yoo first performed in public as a drama actor in 2004, before landing his first lead role in 2005. While he was still acting nicely, it was until he was cast in “Coffee Prince” in 2007 that he began rising into fame. Acting as the male lead Choi Han Kyul, Coffee Prince helped solidify his status not only as a top artist but also as a Hallyu star.

 After Coffee Prince was aired, Gong Yoo has since appeared in various films and TV shows as a principal performer. Although his popularity dropped while he was serving in the military, he is one of the rare talents that have achieved a subsequent wave of popularity, rising more than he could imagine. To be specific, his popularity was through Train To Busan and Goblin.

Kdramas like “Big” (2012), “Train To Busan” (2016), and “Goblin” (2016 – 2017) significantly boosted Gong Yoo’s net worth. After he starred in these mega-hit movies, his career resurgence made him one of the highest-paid actors.

Besides being a gifted actor, Gong Yoo has a cheery outlook. For this reason, he was appointed a special representative of Korea’s United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), which was in conjunction with a celebration of the 24th year since the Convention on the Rights of the Child was enacted. After his appointment, Gong Yoo has toured various countries, bringing to public attention children’s plight in less developed nationalism. As such, he is considered an actor who emphasizes giving back to society.




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