Victoria De Angelis

Victoria De Angelis

Victoria De Angelis is a 21-year-old bassist and songwriter of Italian-Danish origins. She is best known as the founder of the Italian rock band Maneskin (2015). She created the band with another famous Italian guitarist Thomas Raggi. Maneskin band won the Sanremo Music Festival 2021. It also won Italy the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with its super-hit song ”Zitti e buoni”.

Personal Life/ Early Life of Victoria De Angelis

Victoria De Angelis was born on 28 April 2000 in Rome, Italy. Her mother belonged to Danish Ethnicity, while her father was an Italian by birth. She has been in the music industry since 2016. She has only one sibling: a younger sister named Veronica. De Angelis’s mother was 15 years old when her mother died from cancer. As per sources, her mother’s name was Jeanett De Angelis. No information is available regarding her father except that he was a successful businessman.

Personal Life/ Early Life of Victoria De Angelis

She had tomboy tendencies from early childhood; she dressed up as a boy, always had short hair, and rode a skateboard with her male friends. She had been passionate about rock music since she was eight. She started playing bass and guitar in the seventh grade. She once said in an interview that she never confirmed the social norms of being a girl and behaving like a girl. She wanted freedom of boyhood, and playing aggressive, hard rock music made her feel that freedom.

While interviewing for a women’s lifestyle magazine, Elle, she revealed that she missed a whole year of school because she suffered from panic attacks at the age of 14. During attending her middle school, Scuola Media Gianicolo, she met her future band co-founder and guitarist Thomas Raggi. She completed her high school at Liceo Classico Virgilio, Rome. She and Thomas Raggi dragged on their middle school friendship and turned it into their joint career efforts. Victoria De Angelis once stated that Kim Gordon and Nick’ O Malley are her musical influences.

Beginning of her musical career

Victoria de Angelis met her co-star, guitarist Thomas Raggi during her middle school days. They were later joined by their band’s front face and lead vocal Damiano David while attending their high school in Rome. The trio was enrolled at Liceo Classico Virgilio. When they were searching for a drummer on Facebook to complete their band line-up, they received an application from Ethan Torchio of Frosinone town. Ethan successfully joined them as a drummer. Therefore, de Angelis is the only female member of her band.

Beginning of her musical career

The Creation of Maneskin

Victoria De Angelis and Raggi formed Maneskin in 2015, but they didn’t make it official until 2016, when they had to choose a name for the band to register for a local music competition, Pulse. This competition is held between local, emerging bands. De Angelis’s bandmates were not agreeing on an Italian name, and they asked her to configure some Danish names for the band. After brainstorming, she came up with the name ‘Maneskin,’ which means ‘moonlight’ in Danish. They later cleared that the meaning of this name has no relation to the brand itself. They first performed as buskers in the Colli Portuseni district of Rome. However, they became prominent in the public circles when they stood second in the eleventh season of X-Factor, an Italian reality talent show. The band made its debut with the album II ballo Della vita in November 2017. They made promotional tours around Europe in 2018 and 2019 and received an overwhelming response. In 2021, Maneskin released its second album Teatro d’ira: Vol. I in 2021, the album was a breakthrough in the brand’s career. On 22 May 2021, they won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Victoria De Angelis is a LGBTQ

Victoria De Angelis openly admitted to her bisexual orientation. She has expressed her bisexual orientation several times in media interviews and on her social media profiles.

Victoria De Angelis is a LGBTQ

Victoria De Angelis Instagram

Victoria De Angelis has 3.5 million followers on her official Instagram account. She has the user name @vicdeangelis. Her younger sister, Veronica, is often seen with her on her Instagram pictures. She has an official Facebook account with the username @Victoria DeAngelis.

Maneskin band controversy

After winning the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest of 2021, Maneskin band members became a subject of media controversy after Damiano David, the band’s lead vocalist, was accused of high drug consumption. However, this drug controversy later subsided when David was not officially proven as a drug consumer.

Victoria De Angelis Instagram

Victoria De Angelis Body Measurements

As per online sources, De Angelis stands 5 feet 4 inches tall, and she weighs 50 kg or 110lbs.

Victora De Angelis’s relationship

Upon scrolling down her Instagram profile, we came to know that he had a past relationship with her boyfriend ‘SMOSI9’. His real name is not mentioned in her profile, and this is his username. She shared many adorable, romantic pictures with her ex-boyfriend on her Instagram account.

Fans say that it seems like de Angelis is in a relationship with her bandmate Damiano David. However, the couple hasn’t made their relationship public.

Famous Singles of Maneskin

The band released a lot of singles and EPs after their first album was released successfully, like Fear of Nobody, Zitti e buoni, Moriro da re, and others.

Victoria de Angelis’s solo career

Apart from her band performances, Victorio has performed as a solo artist at musical concerts and nightclubs. She has collaborated with Sony Music record labels and Frontier Records. She is also a pianist and worked as a fashion model for some fashion brands. As a seasoned bassist and guitarist, she has won several awards on behalf of Maneskin.

Victoria de Angelis’s Net Worth

As of 2021, her annual net worth stood at $3-4 million USD approx. She earns this sum through her band’s music and solo performances.

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Final Words

Victoria de Angelis had set the road map towards an inspirational career when she was still under 20. She deserves a lot of appreciation for configuring her career path being just a middle grader. There is certainly much more to come for this young blood.


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