Albert Olmstead Height Age Hobbies

Albert Olmstead Height Age Hobbies

Albert Olmstead (1982- July 2019) was a famous American movies crew member who worked in various roles off-camera_ he was a sound recordist, electrician, cameraman, make-up artist, technician, and entrepreneur. His exact date of birth is not known except that he was born in the year 1982. He died on July 19, 2021. The exact cause of his death is not known. However, some media reports claim that his death was due to natural causes rather than ailment-related. As we all know, the success of any film depends as much on crew members as it does on its star cast. Albert Olmstead was one such backstage talent. According to his IMDB profile, he put in lots of hard work in various movies, like Black Lightning, The Walking Dead, Baby Drivers, Freaky, and others. His LinkedIn profile tells that he has been working as a freelancer since 2015. The reason for his popularity is his crew work in the Netflix series Cobra Kai. Wikipedia claims that the 7th episode of Cobra Kai’s fourth season named ”Minefields” was dedicated to Albert Olmstead after his demise. He was only 39 years old at the time of his death.

A brief profile of Albert Olmstead

Albert Olmstead was a famous crew member in the entertainment industry. He worked in various crew positions like technician, electrician, make-up artist, cameraman, and sound-recordist. From April 2013 to July 2014, Olmstead also worked as a Pharmacy Technician at Kroger. As a beginner, he worked as a bartender at Sky City. He also worked as a Rigging Grip. His one known grip role is in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Olmstead’s early life and education

Albert Olmstead was born in Augusta, Georgia, United States. His father ‘Larry Olmstead” is an American, while his mother ‘Imelda Omstead’ is a Filipino. He was born and raised in a joint family. The details of his exact date of birth are not available. However, IMDB mentions that he was 39 years of age on July 19, 2021, when he died. His Stage name was Albert Omstead. Upon exploring his LinkedIn profile, we knew that he had earned a bachelor’s degree from Augusta State University. His majors were Computer Science and Mathematics. During the course of his study, he worked as a bartender at Sky City. After his studies, Albert assumed the role of electrician and technician in multiple industries, including Pharm-tech, before debuting in Entertainment Industry.

Olmstead's early life and education

Albert Olmstead Family

Albert’s Facebook profile is fraught with his family photos. It shows that he was a family man and loved to spend time with his family. As per his Facebook photos, he had two sisters. One of them was Jennifer Rose Olmstead; the name of the other one is not public. It is not clear whether he has a brother or not from his profile.

Albert Olmstead Love Life

According to the media resources, Albert Olmstead married his wife, Que Olmstead, on July 4, 2018. He has shared several pictures with his wife on his social media. Talking about his children, Albert has five kids: three sons and two daughters. Albert shared a lovely post about his wife on Facebook, saying that he is thankful to the people who have brought her into this world, and she is a hot and dear mama. His previous relationships are not disclosed if any.

Albert Olmstead Love Life

Albert Olmstead Body Measurements

He was of medium to tall stature and a bit bulky. He stood 5 feet 9 inches tall, and he weighed 75 kg or 165.43 lbs approximately.

Albert Olmstead’s technician career

As said before, he worked in various professions. But, to talk about his mainstream career line, he was into electro-tech. As he didn’t have his official wiki, we have collected his bio from various sources, the top of which are Facebook and LinkedIn. He began his career with the job of Communication Technician at Comcast. After two years, he left the job and started working as a Pharm Tech at Kroger. He served as a server at Fritti from May 2014 to May 2015. In October of that year, he started working as a freelancer. Before his death, he worked as a freelance technician at IASTE Local.

Albert Olmstead's technician career

Albert Olmstead as a crew member in the entertainment industry

According to IMDB, he served the entertainment industry for more than seven years with his crew acumen. His first project was as an electrician in the movie ‘Freaky.’

Cobra Kai Series

Albert Olmstead worked in various Hollywood movies and TV shows as a crew member like The Walking Dead, Dead Silent, Baby Driver, etc. His crew work which drove him to the heights of success is ‘Cobra Kai.’ After his death, the 7th episode, ‘Minefield,’ was dedicated to Albert Olmstead in his memory. Cobra Kai’s fourth season was released on December 31, 2021, on Netflix. It belongs to the genre of fighting-action. The film’s star cast includes new, talented actors like Mary Mouser, Selah Austria, Susan Gallagher, Griffin Santopietro, etc.

Albert Olmstead’s famous movies and TV shows

He served as the crew member of the following Blockbuster movies and TV shows:

  • Captain America Civil War (2016).
  • Sleepy Hollow (2017).
  • Baby Driver (2017).
  • The Walking Dead (2019).
  • Black Lightning (2018).
  • Lovecraft Country(2020).
  • Robbie(2020).
  • Dead Silent(2020).
  • Cobra Kie (2021).
  • Creep Show(2021).

Albert Kie Net Worth

As per the media sources, Albert Olmstead earned a net worth of around $1-USD 2 million. He made this money through various roles on the crew. However, a major source of these earnings was his technician skill.

Albert Kie’s cause of death

His exact cause of death is not known. However, various media and web sources claim that he died due to natural causes, as with many untimely deaths. He breathed his last on July 19, 2021, at his home in Augusta.

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Final Words

Albert Olmstead is one of the persons who work hard behind the scenes. Their hard work and devotion are not in front of the camera, but they silently gift a movie its success. Their death, long before it is expected, gives a heavy blow to the fields they are needed. We wish that may his soul rest in peace.


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