The Best Kinds of Fire Pits for Your Backyard

Fire Pits for Your Backyard

There’s literally nothing quite like sitting around a fire in the evening or night. The rest of the world just melts away, leaving nothing of reality but the moment and the flames. It’s the closest thing to actual, real magic that I know of. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, be it reading a book with a cigar in hand or sharing a hearty, laughter filled party with the mates, doing it around a fire pit is enchanting. I’ve begun and ended relationships at a fire pit. I’ve figured out career problems at a fire pit. I wrote my last song at one. I’ve sat for what felt like ages just mesmerized by the dancing of the flame.- Fire Pits for Your Backyard
You absolutely, one hundred percent should add one to your backyard. There are a dozen different choices that go into making sure that you’re getting the right kind, and there are a dozen different kinds to choose from. Do you want to dig one, or buy a standing one? Is it something you can makes yourself, or would you be better off getting a premade model? Do you want to burn wood, or something a little more exotic? Read on and we’ll go over the best rated fire pits together.

Wood Burning

This is the most popular and common kind you’re going to find. These are the evolution of the traditional campfire, their modern successors. The design is simple: you have a place to put wood, you burn the wood, you enjoy! For most people, this is going to be the best choice. You can expect them to be made of two primary materials, which will determine the style. The first is stone or brickwork. While more labor intensive, they’re the far safer and sturdier of the two options. Typically, a section of your yard is either dug and cleared out or, if you’re lucky enough to have a concrete slab lying around, they’re built directly on top. They’re usually circular, and can be built wide enough to accommodate anyone’s needs. While you can probably pull this kind off yourself, it’s safer to leave it to a professional installer.- Fire Pits for Your Backyard
There are also metal models. While you can pick up a cheap one from your local hardware store, you should avoid anything that can be described as ‘cheap’ when dealing with fire. The main advantage of metal pits is that they’re portable and easy to set up, but that comes with its own disadvantages. Given that they’re usually a metal bowl supported by legs or a stand, they can potentially be knocked over by accident and spill their burning contents onto the ground. Safety is a primary concern when it comes to enjoying a good fire pit without injury. As you can see here, there are thousands of related injuries every year. You owe it to yourself and everyone who enjoys your backyard to minimize the dangers. That said, there are safer models, which most professionals can provide as Fire Pits for Your Backyard.

Gas Burning

fire kit

I would be remiss not to mention this style of pit, though it isn’t my personal preference. I can’t argue that there’s some appeal to the idea of a gas burning model. It’s simpler to turn a valve than it is to make sure your wood is stacked right and burns evenly, and to keep feeding wood to keep it going. The tentpole method and the feeder method have become tedious parts of building the dang thing, and sometimes it would be nice just to get the thing going and relax. These are extremely versatile, and come in every possible artisanal variation. There are long table models, copper bowl models, and even portable propane models. Honestly there are no downsides to gas burners, aside from clinging to the idea that the traditional way is the best one. Traditional is my preference, but I’m a little jealous of how amazing gas burners look and perform.

Gel Burning

Now we’re getting into the really radical options, and with that radicality comes innovation. Eschewing the usual gas or wood, these fire pits burn synthetic gels. You can get them in bowl shapes and table shapes just like propane models, but they have some unique properties. Gel pellets and logs burn with a certain vibrancy that can’t be matched, and can even burn in unique colors. Blue, yellow, green, even white flames are possible with gel burners. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a gel pit, and it was an experience I won’t forget. That said, there is one disadvantage that must be acknowledged: heat. Gel burns efficiently, but doesn’t produce a lot of heat, as you can see at If that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t a great choice. That said, if you’re looking for something that provides a unique conversation piece, you could do a lot worse!


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