Hey, are you looking for the details on solid wall insulation? If yes, you are at the right place. It is a rough estimate that our house walls cause one-third of all heat loss on the daily basis.  The only reason to insulate the walls is to ensure as little heat loss as possible. We can cut this heat loss by insulating our walls by adding insulating material to either the internal or external walls of our home. This particular material acts as a strong barrier between the internal and external environment of our home and helps to maintain heat and keep the home comfortable during cold weather.

Here in this article, I will tell you what is  Solid Wall Insulation. How you can find it useful for you. How much it will be cost-efficient for you? In addition, I will show you what are its benefits. By reading this article, you will be able to make an informed decision.  So let’s start the Iraye Group.

What is Solid wall insulation?

It is a common form of insulation that can be installed in a home and can assist in the reduction of heat loss, increase energy efficiency and lower our bills. Thus, this insulation process helps in creating a more comfortable environment with little cost. It is all about adding an extra layer to your wall so that it’s harder for heat to pass through it. This technology involves insulating either the external or internal walls of the home to our ease.

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A home with solid wall insulation could save up to £375 annually on your heating bills.  Moreover, Solid wall insulation helps to combat a global challenge to us in the form of climate change. 

What are the two types of solid wall insulation?

There are two main types of solid wall insulation, interior solid wall insulation, and exterior solid wall insulation.

Interior solid wall insulation

Interior solid wall insulation involves insulating the internal walls of the home or the inside face of the home’s main external wall. Internal walls are insulated by fitting rigid insulation boards inside the wall or by fitting an additional stud wall, which is then filled with insulation material such as mineral wool.

Benefits of internal solid wall insulation

  • Internal solid wall insulation is usually less expensive than external solid wall insulation.
  • It is much easier to install than the installation of the external wall.  Thus you do not need any scaffolding to be put up.
  • It will bring no change in the outer appearance of your home. Thus it more suitable for visually attractive buildings and period properties

It is also more suitable for flats and hostels as one can find it hard to use external insulation for just one unit in a block.

External solid wall insulation  

External solid wall insulation involves insulating the home from the outer side. This type of insulation involves a professional installer fixing a layer of insulation material to the external walls by using an adhesive material. This layer then is by covering over with a special type of weather-resistant render named plasterwork or cladding. 

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Benefits of external solid wall insulation

  • External solid wall installation is less disruptive as work takes place outside your home.
  • It can improve the appearance of your home’s external walls, as you can choose the design you want. Thus you can increase the value of your home by giving it a more attractive appearance.
  • It will help to make your home comfortable in two ways; by making it more soundproof and more weather-resistant.
  • It won’t bother the size of any of your rooms, being walls insulated externally.

How much does internal solid wall insulation cost?

Similarly, according to experts in this field, the average cost for internal solid wall insulation is around £7,400 for an average semi-detached house in the UK. This shows that the internal solid wall insulation is considerably less than the cost of external solid wall insulation. Similar to the cost of External wall insulation, the internal wall insulation cost depends on the area you are living in.

How much does external solid wall insulation cost?

According to the experts, the cost of external solid wall insulation is around £100 per square meter. It”s cost is £8,000 for a small flat, up to £22,000 for a large house in the UK.  But cost varies from area to area and country to country. It also depends on your house location.

Solid wall insulation helps in Energy Bill Savings

Solid wall insulation helps us to have some great savings by reducing our energy bills. By properly insulating your solid walls, you can expect the following savings;

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On a Detached-house: £375 per year

On a Semi-detached house: £225 annually

On Mid terrace: £145 annually

On your Bungalow: £150 annually

On a Flat, you are staying for £105 per year

Solid wall insulation helps in Carbon Footprint Savings

Proper solid wall insulation will help to have a less heat loss level in your building and also will help you to cut the carbon dioxide emissions in your home.  This reduction in carbon emissions will in turn help you in the reduction of your carbon footprint which will help your fight against climate change.

The typical reduction in carbon emissions on an annual basis you can expect would be:

On a Detached house: 1.5 tonnes CO² annually

On a Semi-detached house: 930kg CO² per year

On your Mid terrace: 590kg CO² per year

On your Bungalow: 620kg CO² per year

On a Flat, you are staying at 425kg CO² annually


We the Iraye Group hope that this blog post will help you a lot to understand Solid wall insulation. It is a common form of insulation that you can install in your home and can assist in the reduction of heat loss, increase energy efficiency and lower our bills. Thus it helps you to have some savings on your bill and carbon footprints. By properly insulating your walls, you can reduce heat loss. Similarly, you will be able to contribute to the global struggle against climate change. Now the time is to reach out to the Iraye Group for more info.


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