Melody Hurd

Melody Hurd

Who is Melody Hurd, and what are her complete details? Melody Hurd is a young artist from America. She is well-known for portraying Maddy Logelin, Kevin Hart’s daughter, in the Netflix film Fatherhood. Melody contributed to movies like Them and Battle at Big Rock. With the Battle at Big Rock, which Colin Trevorrow helmed, she launched her acting career.

Melody is an actress who has been in several films and TV shows, including Trick, Entertainment Tonight, Battle at Big Rock, and We Are Washington. She gained notoriety after portraying Gracie Emory, the main character, in the horror television series “Them.” In addition, Melody Hurd has appeared in numerous children’s fashion shows, such as the JWJ Fashion Show.

Melody Hurd portrayed Melody Hurd in the film Fatherhood. She has additionally participated in numerous live performances and award ceremonies. After making a cameo in the Netflix film “Fatherhood,” Melody Hurd became well-known. To learn more about this young, gifted girl, scroll down.


Melody Hurd, a young and gifted actress, was born to her parents on Sunday, October 30, 2011, in Maryland, United States. She was raised in a stable household and practices Christianity.

Melody Hurd’s birthdate indicates that she is approximately nine years old (as of 2020). Every year on October 30, Melody cuts the cake on her birthday. According to the sources, Hurd began working in the entertainment sector at a relatively young age.

Speaking of Melody’s education, she is presently enrolled at a local private school in her hometown. She also concentrates on her acting profession. Melody Hurd is currently one of the most well-known American kid actors and models.

What is Melody Hurd’s age?

Melody Hurd’s birth date is October 30, 2011, in the country of her birth. Nisha Hurd and Fred Hurd II’s parents gave birth to her. This young and bright individual has reached the age of 10, considering the fame and glory she has garnered for her role at such a young age. She also has three sisters, the second daughter of her family, Lyric Hurd, Rhythm Hurd, and Tempo Hurd.

Melody Hurd is of American descent and is a member of a mixed race that includes people of African descent. She is also a member of the practical and independent moon sign of Scorpio, which is powerful and independent, and she exhibits all the traits of those born under that moon sign. Melody practices Christianity. Melody Hurd is completing her primary schooling at a nearby private school. However, her private school’s name and identity remain unclear because she hasn’t made those details public.

What is Melody Hurd’s height?

Melody Hurd stands at 3 feet 7 inches, or 1.09 meters, and she has kept her weight in the range of 30 kg, or 66.13 lbs. She has lovely black hair and black eyes.

What films starred Melody Hurd?

In the 2019 horror film Trick, where she played the part of Janice, Melody Hurd made her acting debut. In addition, she played Maddy Logelin in the Kevin Hart-starring Netflix film Fatherhood. She has additionally performed in several kid-focused live performances and modeling events, including the JWJ Fashion Show in Atlanta, Georgia while being represented by Teri B Talent and Model Management in New York.

Melody shared the scene with Shahadi Wright Joseph and Ashley Thomas in the 2021 episode of Them as she played Gracie Emory. She made her career debut in Colin Trevorrow’s film Battle at Big Rock as Kadasha. In addition, her sister is an accomplished actress who has been in several films.

Melody Hurd’s Net Worth

Melody Hurd receives a good salary during her career and additional money from ads and brand sponsorships. She is still young and has a shining future ahead of her. Her estimated net worth is between $800,000 and $900,000, which will rise via further dedication and projects.

Melody Hurd's Net Worth

Social media

Melody Hurd is active on social media, such as Instagram, where she has more than 87.5k followers and uses the handle @melodyhurd. However, her mother administers her account because Melody is too young to handle social media alone. Her mother has almost 13k followers on Instagram under the handle @nishahurd, where she identifies herself as an acting coach. In addition, her mother provided links to her websites. Melody’s father is well-known on social media, with 92 posts and more than 4.3k followers.

Social media

Additionally, she has a sister named Lyric Hurd, who is followed by more than 107k people and goes by the handle @lyrichurd. Lyric is an actress best known for her work on Mozart in the Jungle and Manifest.

Some More Details

In the U.S. state of Maryland’s Prince George’s County, Melody Hurd was born. Her birthday is October 30, 2011. When Melody was just six years old, she made her television debut in the show We Are Washington. She continued her career in entertainment after this series and was also cast in the short film Battle at Big Rock.

2019 saw Melody make her acting debut in the slasher flick Trick. She played the role of Janice in the movie. After this movie, she was cast as Maddy Logelin in Kevin Hart’s Netflix series Fatherhood. Melody Hurd is an actress who has starred in movies including Them, Fatherhood, and Battle at Big Rock (2021).

She attends a neighborhood Maryland private school. Her parents want her to be an actor and on screen, but they also want her to concentrate on her studies, so she is also devoting time to shooting.

Few Facts About Melody Hurd

Maryland is where Melody Hurd was born.

In the vicinity of Washington, D.C., lives Hurd’s family.

In Colin Trevorrow’s short film Battle at Big Rock, she made her acting debut as a Kadasha.

She became well-known in 2021 thanks to her performance as Gracie Emory in the movie Them. The artists in this ten-part series included Deborah Ayorinde, Ashley Thomas, Alison Pill, and Shahadi Wright Joseph.

Her older sister, actress Lyric Hurd, has also acted in movies like Manifest, Mozart in the Jungle, and Secrets.

Melody is not a social butterfly. She has an Instagram account, but her mother, Nisha Hurd, manages it.

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Melody likes to paint, go to parties, get presents, and play with toys. It was all about Melody Hurd and her life!


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