Richard Jewell Wife Dana

Richard Jewell Wife Dana

Here we are going to talk about Richard Jewell Wife Dana. Dana Jewell is the wife of 1996 controversial Olympics hero Richard Jewell who saved many people’s lives during the terrorist attack on the 1996 Olympics. She does not have her own reason for her popularity and is recognized in public domains due to her husband. Richard was on duty at the Olympic Park when he spotted a backpack loaded with three pipe bombs on the park grounds. Before the bomb could explode, he timely alerted the police, evacuating the area in the next couple of minutes. In this way, he saved several people from death and injury. However, poor Richard wasn’t aware that his goodness would drown him_ After some days after the attack, the FBI arrested Richard as a prime suspect. The public sentiment quickly turned against him, and he turned from a hero to a terrorist. The 1996 Olympics tournament wasn’t over, yet the FBI started its full-on investigation into a terrorist attack in the US. As a result of the misguided FBI Investigation, Richard was arrested, carrying the allegation of pre-installing the bombs himself and alerting the police to avoid the suspect. But, after 88 crucial days of agonizing investigation, the FBI acquitted Richard Jewell, saving him from any further charge. Richard Jewell’s story resurfaced when the legendary Hollywood producer and actor Clint Eastwood dedicated his directional debut ‘Richard Jewell’ to the 1996 Olympics hero. The movie came out in 2019, and Richard Jewell’s wife, Dana Jewell, rose from the darkness and hit the country’s headlines, saying that the legend Clint Eastwood did the real justice to her husband’s sacrifices.

Early Life of Dana Jewell

Talking about Dana Jewell’s date of birth, family, place of origin, and early life, this information is not available anywhere. However, one can easily tell by looking at her that she is in her mid 50’s. She is an American by birth. There is not much info regarding her family background. She has not revealed anything about her parents, siblings, or other early-life details. So, we have to skip her family and early life for now.

When Dana became Richard Jewell’s wife? How many children do they have?

Richard Jewell’s wife Dana tied the knot with her life-saving husband in 1998. They stayed happily married to each other until Richard passed away in 2007 at the age of 44. He breathed his last on August 29, 2007. The cause of his death is heart complications with diabetes. Obesity, binge-eating, and alcohol consumption are also to be blamed for his premature death. Before marrying each other, the couple dated regularly at Centennial Olympic Park. They love animals a lot and have bought their personal farm in Merriweather County of South Atlanta. They have raised many dogs and cats there. Now, Richard Jewell’s wife Dana takes care of them alone.

When Dana became Richard Jewell's wife? How many children do they have?

Dana Jewell’s Career and Professional Life

Nothing is known about Dana’s career and professional life. Similarly, no one knows what she does for a living after her husband has passed away or what she used to do before. If there is any update about her career or job, we will notify you. She is probably living on her husband’s earnings or insurance, etc.

Does she have any social media accounts?

After the death of Richard, Danna lived a low-profile life. She was out of the scene until she made a brief appearance again to appreciate Clint Eastwood’s endeavor for her husband. She has no accounts on any social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Where does Dana Jewell live right now?

No one knows for sure. But, most probably, Richard Jewell’s wife lives in Atlanta, where her husband worked as a security officer in Olympics Park. Moreover, her animal farm is in South Atlanta, and as the caretaker of the farm, she is supposed to reside in Atlanta.

Net Worth of Richard Jewell and his wife, Dana

Moving on to Dana’s net worth, there is no information available. Still, according to some online media resources, her husband, Richard Jewell, possessed an annual net worth of $ 5 million at the time of his death.

A brief overview of Richard Jewell’s life

Richard Jewell (December 17, 1962- August 29, 2007) was an American security guard who notified police during the Centennial Olympic Park bombing at the Summer Olympics of 1996. He was born as Richard White in Danville, Virginia. Richard’s mother was an insurance worker, and his father worked in Chevrolet. When he was four, his parents divorced; Richard’s mother later married his stepfather John Jewell who adopted him. Richard unveiled the bombing conspiracy after discovering a bag pack containing three pipe bombs. He timely alerted the law enforcement authorities and helped evacuate the park. His act saved the lives of thousands of attendees. The Media lauded him as a hero until the FBI declared him a suspect based on offender profiling. Though the FBI never charged him, he underwent the heavily tolling process of ”trial by media”, which badly affected his professional and personal life. After 88 days of public scrutiny, he was cleared of the charge. Soon after, Eric Rudolph pleaded guilty to that bombing and his attacks on a lesbian nightclub and two abortion clinics. Jewell’s life inspired popular culture, including Clint Eastwood’s 2019 film Richard Jewell and the 2020 season of the Manhunt anthology, ‘The Deadly Games.’

A brief overview of Richard Jewell's life

Olympics bombing incident

After midnight, July 27, 1996, Eric Rudolph planted a backpack containing a fragmentation-laden pipe bomb under a bench. During his security round, Jewell discovered the bag nine minutes before calling 9-1-1 to deliver the warning message. Jewell and other security guards tried to clear the immediate area during Jack Mack and the Heart Attack Performance. After thirteen minutes, a bomb exploded, killing a local named Alice Hawthorne and a cameraman. Nearly 100 persons were injured.

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Final Words

Richard Jewell’s wife Dana’s sudden resurfacing out of the dark to express her pleasure over her husband’s right portrayal shows how much she loves and misses him. Though some people criticize the movie, saying it hailed a controversial figure, it still received an overwhelming response from media and viewers.


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