Maria Burton Carson

Maria Burton Carson

Maria Burton Carson is best known as the daughter of the legendary actress and glamour queen Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth adopted Maria with her fifth husband, Richard Burton. Maria is German by nationality. The celebrity couple adopted her when she was three years old. She resided in Munich at the time of her adoption. There is no information available about Maria’s biological parents. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor gave birth to two daughters from their marriage: Jessica Burton and Kate Burton. Maria was a crippled baby with a malformed hip. Later in her life, she had to go through a series of 22 options to treat congenital disabilities in her hips. visit here

Despite being not a popular personality herself, she gained a lot of limelight and media attention as an adopted child of the two most iconic actors of the era. Elizabeth and Richard parted their ways after 13 years of their marriage, and still they took care of their daughter together.

Early Life of Maria Burton Carson

Maria Burton Carson said hello to this world on August 1, 1961, in Munich, Germany. Unfortunately no information is there about her real parents, her real siblings, why she was given for adoption, etc. Verified sources, however, confirm the fact that Elizabeth and Richard adopted her as a physically disabled child.

Professional Life/ Career

As of now, Maria is a clothing designer and philanthropist. She is currently residing in Idaho. Maria lives a very low-key life; hence her career details are not in the public domain, like where she worked or worked earlier. Similarly, whether she has always been in a fashion design career or has worked in various roles is unknown.

Personal Life

Maria has tied the wedding knot twice in her life, but she is a divorced woman now. Her first husband was Daniel Steve Carson, and her second husband was Tom McKeown. She married Steve Carson on February 13, 1981, in a private ceremony held in New York City. Maria Burton and Steve Carson welcomed their first and only child Elizabeth Carson in 1982. Maria’s readaptation of her mother’s name shows how much the adopted daughter loved her mother. However, she and Tom called off their marriage in the year 2000 when Tom accused his mother-in-law of misusing her power and tearing their family apart. Steve sued Maria when she secretly took their daughter to Elizabeth Taylor’s Los Angeles home from his New York residency. He also reported Maria for financial misconduct, saying that $7K was missing from their joint account. Elizabeth Carson enjoyed the luxury of staying and spending time with her homonym grandmother until she went to high school.

Personal Life

Later in 2001, Maria Burton Carson married Tom McKeown and took her daughter with her. The couple welcomed their son named Richard. Unfortunately, she had a strained relationship with Tom, like in her previous marriage. Maria sued her second husband for verbally abusing and showing violent behavior towards her and her son. Tom came under a restraining order. However, Tom claimed that she had filed false charges against him; he accused Maria on the same grounds Steve did earlier, i.e., misusing her mother’s power and undue support. Tom also said that Maria had full support from her influential friends.

Maria Burton Carson’s Body Measurements

Unfortunately, her body dimensions and stat remain under reader. Her picture collection over the Internet is quite limited. However, one can easily see that she has a fine and healthy figure. She is of medium stature, but one can’t specify her exact height. She is very particular about staying away from public paparazzi.

Maria Burton Carson’s net worth

Coming to Maria Burton’s annual earnings and net worth, her net worth’s exact amount is not disclosed yet. However, her net worth must have been in the millions, owing to her strong family background. She is leading a completely detached life from the entertainment industry; therefore, her net worth is difficult to assess.

Maria Burton Carson's net worth

Maria Burton Carson Social Media

Maria Burton does not have any verified social media accounts. As we discussed before, she has a limited picture collection over the Internet and stays away from public paparazzi, living a private life in Idaho. She does not have any fan-created account either. However, fans can see her with her mother, Elizabeth Taylor, in some pictures.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

The Cleopatra co-stars had an extra-ordinarily interesting love story that encompassed two marriages, two divorces, one betrayal, and mad love. Elizabeth Taylor wed Richard Burton on March 15, 1964. They parted their ways ten years later and re-married briefly in 1975. They were the most powerful couple of the 20th century and the most well-known of the decade. Taylor was married to her fourth husband, Eddy Fisher, for the fourth time when she first met Burton on Cleopatra’s stage in 1963.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Taylor and Burton’s affair spurred a huge scandal, however they did not care about the world and became one. Taylor admitted that she first thwarted his advances because she had heard of him being a womanizer, but she couldn’t stop herself loving him. Throughout Cleopatra’s production, the romance flew higher and higher. Taylor eventually began to be known as a family wrecker as her fourth huband, Eddie Fisher, left her wife and two children for Taylor. However, the envious romance of Burton and Taylor was everything but not long lasting! Burton had gifted his former wife, Sibli, with many infedilities. This time, poor Sibli was expecting that Burton would return to her, but irrestible Taylor had proven it close to impossible. After officially ending things with their spouses in a while, Burton had Taylor as her legal wife in Montreal on March 15, 1964. Their family included Burton’s two daughters, Taylor’s two sons and a daughter from her previous marriages, and adopted Maria.

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Final Words

Maria Burton Carson’s parents would never have thought before giving her away for adoption that she would end up having a luxurious life with the queen of fate Elizabeth Taylor. As her mother is fading away from memories of people, she has gone into a seclusion.


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