Joseph Frontiera Counting Cars

Joseph Frontiera Counting Cars

Joseph Frontiera is a famous TV personality, designer, and artist. He is best known as Joseph Frontiera Counting Cars’ due to his participation in the TV reality show of the same name. He is famous for his appearance in the show and the controversy caused by a 2017 lawsuit. He was born on July 1, 1988. His place of birth is not known, but most probably, he has American nationality. As of 2022, he is nearly 33 years old. Talking about his education, he is a high school graduate. His father taught him how to repair cars, as he was an automobile factory worker. His mother was a housewife. No more information about his early life is available, but counting cars’ fans believe that he began his professional life with auto vehicles and was a car mechanic or restoration specialist. Joseph is currently living a low-key life, completely hidden from the media’s eyes. No one knows his whereabouts. As a conservative person, his current status is also not available.

Professional Life and Career

After graduating from high school, Joseph started working as a car mechanic. In 2006, he joined Count’s Kustom, an automobile customization and restoration company owned by Danny Koker and located in Las Vegas. It serves the automotive reality show Counting Cars with the daily chronicles of its activities, the last spinoff of the Pawn Stars (The American Restoration being the second one). Before working with Counting Cars, he was employed by Randstad USA, a Netherlands-based multinational consulting firm on human resources. In July 2013, he appeared on Television Screen as a crew member of ‘Counting Cars.’ The thriving reality show is aired on the History Channel. The show made its debut on August 13, 2012, on History Channel. Fans welcomed the first episode of the eighth season on July 10, 2018. Joseph Frontiera appeared with co-stars like Ryan Evans, Rick Harrison, Mike Henry, Roli Szabo, Shannon Aiku, and the founder of the show, Danny Koker. Nonetheless, due to the embezzlement case, Joseph Frontiera has changed into a popular, controversial figure from a liked tv personality. He has been charged with stealing money from the Company.

The Counting Cars reality show

History Channel’s latest hit show ” Counting Cars” is the World’s largest and coolest platform for restoring old cars and bikes and making them brand new according to your unique, custom design. Danny Koker’s workshop is like an automotive and motorcycle museum. Counting Cars have built custom choppers for such icons as Keith Urban, Ozzy Osbourne, UFC fighter Matt Hughes, Tim McGraw, and some members of Motley Crew as well. The Counting Cars Reality Show has an IMDB rating of 7/10. It is the third spinoff of Pawn Stars. The series chronicles Danny Koker (The Count) and its staff at the Counting Kustom as they customize and modify classic cars and motorbikes from the classic into the new and stylish. Counting Cars have featured many celebrities like Dee Snider, Alice Cooper, Ziggy Marley, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.” It has 180 episodes in 10 seasons.

The Counting Cars reality show

Joseph Frontiera’s Counting Cars Case

Joseph was not a member of Danny Koker’s workshop, but he handled his Company’s finances. In 2016, Danny Koker and History Channel filed a case against him, putting the embezzlement claims on him. Randstad’s Attorney counter-sued the Company on Frontiera’s behalf, claiming that the Company’s claims lack factual evidence. Randstad Attorney also pointed toward a clause in Frontiera’s employment contract that prohibited Company from handing over financial transactions to him. Danny’s lawsuit claimed that he used around $75,000 from the Company’s account to pay for his Range Rover and the air tickets he bought for his personal use. The lawsuit further says that he has not paid the Company’s taxes responsibly. However, the Justice Court of Las Vegas charged Frontiera with a felony of over $3,500 in August of 2013. IRS also fined him $18,000 for not paying the taxes on time. He left the Company after this lawsuit in 2017, which means that he hasn’t appeared in the show since 2017. However, Frontiera was charged but could not be arrested because he was erstwhile living in Florida. Today, if we search for his name on the show’s official page, we can’t find him among cast or crew members. It means that his name is completely removed from the show’s history. Before Joseph, an accountant named Scott Jones handled Count Kustom’s finances. Scott did the same to the Company and was sued for embezzlement. Scott was also fired like Joseph Frontiera.

Is Joseph Frontiera married or has a girlfriend?

Joseph Frontiera has not disclosed anything about his personal life during his tenure on Counting Cars, and his relationship status is not known. However, sometime in 2016, there were some rumors that he met a woman while shooting the show and started dating her. Joseph was spotted with that lady on several occasions in Las Vegas.

Is Joseph Frontiera married or has a girlfriend?

Joseph Frontiera’s net worth

Joseph Frontiera of Counting Cars had a net worth of $500,000when he worked for the Company. But, as he ceased to be a part of the show in 2017, these figures are pretty old and don’t depict his current financial condition. Moreover, due to the lawsuit and several fine payments imposed upon him, his current net worth has been reduced a lot than before. On the flip side, his exposure has opened the doors to various new opportunities outside the show, and it is expected that he may redeem his loss.

Joseph Frontiera’s Social Media Accounts

He doesn’t have any social media accounts on major social media websites like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. However, to search for the latest updates on his case, you may type #josephfrontieracase on Instagram.

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Final Words

Joseph Frontiera of Counting Cars could not earn the fame like its front-row cast members, especially those who made cross-appearances in all three parts of the series. Similarly, back in 2017, he left the show silently without anyone much noticing, but he soon got revived in Counting Cars fans’ memories after the show was over.


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