Jared Schmeck Oregon Police Officer

Jared Schmeck Oregon Police Officer

Jared Schmeck Oregon Police Officer is a man who went viral after telling President Joe Biden, “Let’s go, Brandon,” during one NORAD Santa tracking call on Christmas Eve. Schmeck spoke out about the event, saying to The Oregonian that he was kidding and now being attacked for using his right to free speech.

Schmeck and his wife posted a video to YouTube depicting his side of the exchange, in which he used the anti-Biden remark while sitting with their son. The White House streamed the call between Biden and First Lady Jill Biden live.

Some Republicans use “let’s go, Brandon” to indicate “screwing Joe Biden.” The meme began in October 2021, when an NBC sports journalist, Kelli Stavast, incorrectly stated that a crowd was yelling the first name of a triumphant NASCAR driver when the mob was chanting screw Joe Biden. The White House didn’t reply to the incident, but Schmeck has faced criticism from some Democrats and applause from some Republicans and Trump fans on social media.

Schmeck, 35, who works for his father’s electric company and lives in Central Poin in Oregon’s Rogue Valley, told The Oregonian, “At the end of the day, I have nothing against Mr. Biden, but I am upset because I think he can be doing a better job, I mean no offense to him.” According to his phone discussion with Biden, Schmeck is the father of four children, two sons, and two daughters. He described himself to the newspaper as a “free-thinking American and disciple of Jesus Christ.”

Here’s all you need to know about Jared Schmeck, an Oregon father:

  1. Biden spoke with Jared Schmeck about the Christmas gifts the Oregon father’s children wanted before Schmeck concluded the call with the remark “Let’s Go Brandon,” to which Biden replied, “I Agree, Let’s Go Brandon.”

On Christmas Eve, President and First Lady Biden answered calls to the North American Aerospace Defense Command as part of a tradition in which government and military officials and their families communicate to parents and children as part of NORAD’s Santa Tracker program.

“We phoned NORAD, and they connected us to the President!” Schmeck stated on YouTube. Brandon, let’s go! I had no idea this would be live-streamed; we talked to President Joe Biden on Christmas Eve!” says the video. The caption “#letsgobrandon” has received over 300,000 views and many comments. The White House also released a video of Biden’s part of the conversation.

Schmeck’s name was disclosed when he and his wife, Amanda Schmeck, shared a social media post about the call. His wife also wrote about the incident in a now-deleted Instagram post, having laughing-crying emojis.

  1. Jared Schmeck resigned from the Medford Police Department in Oregon after six years on the force in 2018 but refused to say why, and the reason has not been made public.

Jared Schmeck is listed as a policeman with the Medford Police Department in Oregon on an old LinkedIn profile. However, according to The Oregonian, Schmeck is no longer a cop. According to the newspaper, he was an officer with the Medford Police Department for six years until leaving in 2018.

The Oregonian reported that it asked Schmeck why he quit the police department but refused to comment. The Medford Police Department has not stated why Schmeck quit, and this information has not been revealed in any reporting concerning the viral incident or Schmeck’s past. He began working as a Medford police officer in April 2012 and quit in July 2018.

The Medford, Oregon, police department has not remarked on their former employee’s unexpected celebrity, nor have they reacted to the multiple social media messages regarding the viral video. However, the Medford, Massachusetts, police department addressed the situation, tweeting, “Just a friendly reminder that this is the Medford, Massachusetts Police Department’s Twitter account.” We are frequently tagged in posts intended for other departments. This account is not maintained around the clock. Dial 911 in an emergency.”

  1. Schmeck Told the Oregonian He Isn’t a ‘Trumper,’ But He Appeared on Former Trump Adviser Steve Bannon’s Podcast with a MAGA Hat, and Said ‘Donald Trump Is My President’ & ‘the Election Was 100 Percent Stolen.’

While Schmeck informed The Oregonian that he is not a “Trumper” in the hours following the video call, he appeared on former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s podcast on December 27 wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and professing his support for the former President.

“The election got completely stolen,” Schmeck remarked. So I wanted to clarify it. ‘Let’s go, Brandon,’ is about more than Screw Joe Biden. ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ encapsulates our dissatisfaction with Joe Biden, the government, the leftist mob, the cancel culture, and the mainstream media; they are the ones who made this a thing. And as conservatives, we may find amusement in this. But dreadful things are happening.” Schmeck noted difficulties with Biden and Democrats, such as the Afghanistan exit, supply chain issues, inflation, abortion, the border situation, and government vaccine mandates.

More about Jared Schmeck

Some folks can’t stop themselves from making a fool of them. We know we’ve done it a few times ourselves. Still, it’s not often that one gains the recognition that Jared from Oregon gained when he told the President of the United States upon finishing the call with the POTUS and the FLOTUS, “Let’s Go, Brandon.” But, sadly, it was his decision on a live video of Santa Tracker from the White House on Christmas Eve.

More about Jared Schmeck

The majority of the chat was friendly and full of laughter and joy. He appeared to be a pleasant person. It didn’t last, as evidenced by the Twitter embed above. The complete video is available on Jared’s YouTube account.

Jared worked as a police officer in the city of Medford. He quit in 2018, with no explanation given. It’s unknown what Schmeck does for a profession these days, but he’s supposed to be an electrician for his father.

Jared Schmeck

Before people pity him, he remarked that he would tell the Biden’s to screw them all over again if he could go back in time. He’s become a social media sensation, and he’s on his way to ousting Kyle Rittenhouse as the radical rights favorite. This was all about Jared Schmeck Oregon Police Officer.

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Jared Schmeck Oregon Police Officer received almost $12,000 in tax benefits for his four children from the President and the Democratic House and Senate. It’s similar to biting the hand that feeds you.


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