Is your daughter your Princess? Let’s make her feel like one on her Birthday


Every parent wants to make her girl feel like a princess on her Birthday. But choosing the right gift for her can feel overwhelming.

To help you in the journey, I have mentioned some beautiful gifts and experiences to surprise her. Here are six gift ideas, and all of them are available online.

  1. Unicorn bathrobe

If you want to see your baby girl in a princess look every day, nothing can beat a cute unicorn-themed bathrobe. Like your little one, the bathrobe is also filled with multiple colors. In addition, it is made from premium polyester, so you don’t need to worry about skin rashes.

Further, she can use this during winter or wear it to dry off the water after a bath.

  1. Barbie doll with a styling kit

It is hard to find girls who don’t love Barbie dolls, especially with a styling kit. Your little one can design the doll’s outfit as she pleases. Not only that, it encourages your kid to dig deep into her imagination and explore her creative ability.

Some Barbie doll kits also offer nail polish, hair bands, clips, and even a hairbrush to give the kids the satisfaction of being a stylist.  

  1. Personalized pillow

Personalized things make your gift ultra-special and reserve a special space in the receiver’s heart. So, get your girl a pillow with her favorite cartoon character and her name on it. Then, whenever she squeezes it at night, it will remind you of them.

  1. Mermaid tail blanket

Most girls have a keen interest in mystical creatures like mermaids, fairies, etc. So if your girl is one of them, a mermaid tail blanket can be the best gift for her.

When the weather gets cold, she can get into this gorgeous blanket, and she will remember you every time she uses it. Further, you can also find different sizes and choose from many colors and scale textures.

  1. Personal diary for girls

Like adults, your little one also needs her private space. There is nothing better than a dairy to allow them that.

She can write down all her good days and bad days to come back to it later. This will assist her in developing her thinking and writing abilities.

Further, these diaries come with a cute and attractive outer cover. Some even have locks in them to protect the owner’s privacy.

Before purchasing it, make sure it is themed on her favorite cartoon character or designed with her preferred, colored calligraphic writing and funny stickers. To make it even more special, you can include a nice pen with it.

  1. Disney Princess peel-off nail polish set

Yes, you read that right. You can also find Disney-themed nail polish for your little girl in as many as 18 colors. It also has several glittery and opaque color options for her to experiment, explore and flaunt! 😉

However, these nail polishes are not like ordinary nail polish. They are free from all toxic ingredients and can be easily peeled off.

Give Her An Experience :

So, above-mentioned was a quick list for you to buy unique gifts online, but what if you wish to gift her an experience. For example, if both of you are busy with full-time jobs on workdays and don’t get to spend a lot of time with your Princess, then pick either of these two options for her special day.

  1. Go and watch a movie with her

Each year multiple child-friendly movies are released. You can search a few on Google and find out which ones are screening in the theaters. Then, drive her to the location and spend the rest of the day enjoying the film, followed by some super fun activities.

  1. Take her to a new place

You don’t necessarily need to choose a place far away from home, and you need to turn the heavens to reach there. So instead, pick a spot nearby that she hasn’t been to before.

Whatever it may be, make sure your selected place has a kid-friendly environment.

Over to you…

Other than the options listed in this article, there are more alternatives like comfy unicorn slippers, Disney charm jewelry, princess story DVD collection, etc. So why don’t you trick your little one into asking what she wants if you are confused?

Further, you can arrange a princess-themed party and invite all her friends in. Don’t forget to mention the dress code as princess one in the invitation card. 


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