5 Amazing Gift Ideas for your school-going sisters and sisters


A meaningful gift says a lot without uttering a word. Buying gifts for your school-going brothers and sisters can be quite a task. There are so many goodies for this age group in the market that are irresistible. You are in confusion as to what you should buy for a brother or sister who is school-going. If you find it difficult coping with the latest trends among the schoolgoers, here are 5 unique gifts you can buy for them.

These gift ideas have been carefully thought out and sorted out for you to decide better what you would like to give as a present. So here are 5 Amazing Gift Ideas for your school-going Brothers and sisters.

  • Photo Album

We all have lovely memories with our siblings, from sharing the earliest moments of life to getting grounded together. But, some memorable moments need to be captured forever. If you have school-going brothers and sisters, a photo album featuring some of your and your sibling’s pictures from childhood can be a great idea. They can capture some of their best times in class and on the sports ground with their friends. Memories of the tours and treks they have explored may be seized in that album. In the age of quick smartphone photography, a classy photo album is a beautiful reminder to pause, look and remember the good old times.

  • Calligraphy Set

Calligraphy is a great gift these days. Try and present one of these to your brother or sister who is still in school. They will enjoy it much more than the regular writing of ballpoints and gel pens which must have bored them in their normal school routine. This art of writing is calming and meditative to study letterforms. In addition, school goers can use it creatively to embellish cards, projects, and party decorations encouraged by Bookbinders Design. This hand lettering technique — is called pointed-pen writing. These days very fancy sets are available in the stores for beginners to advanced levels.  

  • Bullet Journals

This is the next-level diary for not only writing but also drawing. Instead of just blank, lined pages, a bullet journal or BuJo, in other words, contains sections to log daily to-dos, keep a monthly or weekly calendar, jot down notes, and track both short- and long-term goals. Bullet journals are a way of keeping personalized records and tracking information, exploring creativity, brainstorming ideas, and maintaining inspirational ideas and mottos. It is a very creative, methodological, and artistic way for young learners to keep track of their way of doing things.  

  • Backpack 

Backpacks are better than shoulder or messenger bags for school-going kids because this bag’s weight is evenly spread across your body. If you want to gift a backpack to your sibling, it’s a practical and handy gift. These days there are various things your brother may need in school. Compartment for the laptop, a place to put the lunch box, pens, and keys. A pocket for the mobile, USB, or other small objects. Binders and books could be so many. This is one gift that can indeed be used daily. In addition, backpacks can be found in water-resistant material with lockable zippers, making it more secure for your brother to attend school.

  • A Wrist Watch

Watches are an excellent way for school kids to manage time and practice planning. Regardless of how old your brother or sister might be, a watch teaches them to work on time, allows activity tracking, and even high-tech options help them in sports. 

The watch you choose as a gift will depend on the age and tastes of your siblings. The main things they need in a wristwatch are that it should be swim, shower, splash-proof, shock resistance, durability, and the wristwatch is waterproof to 165 feet, generally. There is no end to the technology being used in wristwatches these days. So choose what suits your sibling as a gift at his age.

Wrapping Thought

School kids have a new choice of things they want nearly every day. But here is a selection of gift ideas for your brothers or sisters who are going to school that they will not only enjoy receiving from you but will make the best use of these items happily. Last but not least, you won’t be guilty that you have presented something that will be a waste of time for these youngsters. 


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