How Old Is Shigaraki

How Old Is Shigaraki

How old is Shigaraki ? Shigaraki is one of the most adored characters in Boku No Hero Academia. However, fans are still unsure about the exact age of their favourite antagonist, so today, we’ll fill in all the blanks. Therefore, we’re going to discuss something that even Shigaraki Tomura’s most ardent admirers don’t even fully understand:

What is Shigaraki’s age?

It’s a question that any show fan would stumble over when attempting to answer. Shigaraki age, whether it be from My Hero Academia or right now, is difficult to ascertain because neither the anime nor the manga mentions it. If you’re curious about Shigaraki’s exact age, you’ve come to the right place since this page will finally provide you with all the necessary information!

What is Shigaraki's age?

How old is Shigaraki from My Hero Academia?

There are many fascinating characters in My Hero Academia, but Shigaraki may be the most well-known and admired one overall. Shigaraki stands apart from other characters because, by all accounts, he has experienced grief in the past. On the other hand, Dabi is a villain with strong principles who will do anything to achieve his goal. One of the most significant facts to know about anyone is their age. Thus it stands to reason that MHA fans frequently ask, “How old is Shigaraki?”

Since Shigaraki’s age is rarely mentioned in anime or manga, it can be challenging for the average My Hero Academia fan to find out when Shigaraki was born. It is even more difficult to estimate Tomura Shigaraki’s age because there is no useful information on scoundrels in general in BNHA.

Exact Age of Shigaraki

The main antagonist of the series and Tenko Shimura’s protege, Tomura Shigaraki, was Tenko Shimura, also known by the pseudonym Tomura Shigaraki. He intends to demolish All Might to make people aware of the precariousness of their circumstances and the justice they have blind faith in.

Exact Age of Shigaraki

Shigaraki is a young man with fair skin who is fairly thin. Her hair has a very pale blue-grey colour and is of different lengths. Her lips are chapped and dry, and the skin around her crimson eyes is quite wrinkly. He has minor scars on his right eye and the left side of his lip. Under the right side of his lips, he has one mole.

He has 14 connected disembodied hands on his arms, chest, neck, head, shoulders, and one on the face he refers to as “Father” when he is dressed as a villain.

Each hand has a light grey tint, and at the base is a sort of golden box with two holes. A large red ribbon that splits in two connects the hand on top of Shigaraki’s head to the ones around his neck. His regular black attire—black pants that reveal his ankles and a black long-sleeved t-shirt with no relief—and black shoes—the rest of his costume—make up the rest of his look. Additionally, he sports red sneakers without socks.

Shigaraki was born on April 4th, making him age 21. He is the only normal height for an adult at 175 cm (5ft7).


Tomura Shigaraki, a 21-year-old male, is thin and pale. He has fair skin and untidy, silvery-blonde hair (blue in the anime). He has a scar on the left side of his lips and a mole on the right, and his lips are chapped and dry. His right eye has a scar and small, reddish pupils and crinkly eyelids.

Tenko was a little boy then, with black hair and grey eyes. Due to the development of his Quirk, he saw that to have scratch markings over his eyes. Tenko’s eyes turned crimson, and his hair changed from black to a pale silver/blue once his Decay Quirk emerged.

Tomura dressed as a villain and covered most of his face in a hand-shaped mask. He also wears a black suit. In addition, he has red sneakers without socks on and thirteen other hands wrapped over his entire torso. As a civilian, Tomura is never seen wearing a mask or his costume; rather, he is always dressed normally.

Tomura’s general appearance has slightly changed after a few time jumps. He has a hooded black trench coat, and his hair has grown slightly longer. Even while he still has his hands and wears them the same way as before, he frequently appears without a mask, whether in the open or in his hiding place.

Tomura got a new coat with a fur collar. He also got a work suit with a tie after the events in Deika City. He still wears only one hand on his face and has both hands bandaged and patched up. Shigaraki has white hair instead of the previous light blue/grey tint. He wore a mechanized battlesuit and the X-fewer capes for a limited period during the hero raid on Jaku General Hospital, which he stole from the Pro Hero he killed earlier.


Tomura is aware of his opponents’ strengths and can quickly counter them. Shigaraki is famous among the villains and heroes, including All Might, Chizome Akaguro, and Chisaki. Along with being intelligent, Tomura is also strategic and capable of planning highly skilled strikes, like the attack that his Vanguard Action Squad intended to carry out on the University of Arizona students.

Overall, Tomura Shigaraki is a formidable antagonist who has grown considerably stronger and improved as the series continues. He had no trouble engaging Eraserhead in a head-to-head battle and even managed to get close enough to harm him.

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Even though his initial plans don’t work out, Tomura shows that he is quick on his feet and thinks quickly. He has authority over his allies and subordinates as the head of the League of Villains. Having completed his training in body enlargement surgery and gigantism, he also received his master’s Quirk. Nana Shimura dreaded Tomura’s potential if his evil were to keep growing since he developed into a terrifyingly strong and destructive villain who can inspire terror in others. We are hoping that this article was helpful to you in determining the answer to the common question: How old is Shigaraki!


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