Basic Guide To Residential Solar Panel in New Orleans

Solar Panel

Before shifting to solar energy it will be ideal to know more about solar panel installation so you can weigh if it’s indeed for you. Having an idea about what you will be having in your home especially if it’s a big change should be ianvestigated first before shifting to it. Solar energy can make big changes in your home and you can enjoy the benefits of solar panels for your home in New Orleans. So find out more about it then get that solar installation. 

How many solar panels are needed to run a home in New Orleans?

The number of solar panels needed for your home can be determined once you know your energy consumption. You can measure your energy consumption by using a device and your solar provider can also do the estimation for you since they are more equipped. This way the accuracy can let them know how many panels are needed for your home. 

Is getting solar panels on your house worth it?

Many people often ask themselves this question since they are hesitant to purchase a solar panel due to its high upfront cost, however, take note that once you have your solar panel you can reap the following benefits:

Lower Electricity Bills

Electricity is essential for people since it can give them the convenience they need and despite having to pay a high cost to have it, they still pay for it. Once you shift to solar energy you don’t have to pay for this skyrocketing anymore since solar energy can solely power your homes. You can still use electricity from the grid but it is very minimal already. This alone can be a big advantage on your part, imagine being able to save a lot of bucks with your reduced bills. 

Get Your Return on Investment in 5 to 7 years 

As you use your solar energy the money you can save when computed can be able to pay the upfront cost of your solar panels within 5 to 7 years. Therefore solar panels are not a bad investment after all. Imagine how much you can save for 25 years since that is the lifespan of solar panels.

Increase Home Market Value 

Having a solar panel system in your home can increase its market value by up to $15,000. This amount can cover the whole or partial cost of your solar panel system, so if you are still doubtful take this into consideration to get more motivated to shift to solar energy usage.  

More Environmentally Friendly

This is the main reason why New Orleans residents are being encouraged to shift to solar energy usage. The earth is already taking too many toxins and it needs to breathe. By shifting to solar energy which is a renewable source of energy it will lessen the carbon footprints that the environment gets every single day. By getting a solar panel installation you will be contributing to the recovery of the environment against pollutants. 

Can a house run on solar power alone?

Yes, it’s possible, but you will be investing in more solar panels, which is enough to support your home 100% with solar energy. You can get a quotation from your solar provider and know how much it will cost you. An off-grid solar panel system is what it is called, this means you are not connected to the electricity grid but instead every power you need will be connected to your solar panel system alone. The good thing about going off-grid is you can have a zero electricity bill! You will however need a battery to save your excess energy that can be collected during the daytime so you can have the power to utilize at night.  

How long do solar panels really last?

Solar panels last for 25 years or even longer depending on how they are taken care of and other factors such as the brand, the type of solar panel, and the condition or environment they are exposed to. They are built to last and even after their 25 years they can still produce energy but lower compared with their past years’ performance. 

Having the basic guide to residential solar panels in New Orleans can lead you to a good solar provider who can provide you with a high-quality solar panel system that can support your home energy needs. 



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