how many words does a 5-minute speech have?

How many words in a 5 minute speech
How many words in a 5 minute speech

Whether preparing for a speech or writing an essay or article, a question will come to your mind: how many words does a 5-minute speech have? Right!

Well, there is no hard and fast rule through which we could give you an estimate because the answer depends on several factors.

  • The first main factor that varies from person to person is speed. A person with a fast pace could deliver 800 to 1000 words.
  • Meanwhile, a person with a slow speed can cover up his 5 minutes in a few words as he speaks slowly, so it would take time to deliver.
  • On the other hand, if a person delivers a speech fast, he has to offer more words than a slow speed.

Now, it’s pretty clear why we said there is no specific answer.

How Many Words in a 5-Minute Speech?

Yes, it’s a daunting process, but a speech after keeping a shorter period in mind is always interesting and challenging. And to get a better idea of how many words you can speak in 5 minutes, you need to consider these first.

  • If someone delivers slowly, he can easily deliver up to 500 words in his speech.
  • A speaker of an average speed needs to write at least 650 words to prepare an address of 5 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, a speaker with a fast pace could speak, on average, 800 to 1000 words.

Now, after these results, it’s pretty sure that you had estimated how many words you can speak.

How to Count the Words Spoken in a Minute?

Let’s say you have to deliver a speech of 5 minutes, and you are wondering how much time it will take. Well, no more worries because here is an exquisite way to find the exact answer.

First of all, as you know, different people deliver speeches in their style. So if you want to count the words you will need in a 5 minutes speech, we recommend you write a specific word count.

Now take a stopwatch and start practicing in front of the mirror. This will not only help you to practice your speech as well you will get to know how many words you can speak in 5 minutes as you had written down a specific word count already.  You can check word count by using free word counter tool.

How to Deliver a 5-Minute Speech?

Since we are talking about the word count, here it is important to consider there is nothing like you have to be a bind for some specific word count; other than requested.

That’s why to write or to deliver a 5-minute speech; you have to keep in mind that …

  1. Quality always matters over quantity – your message should be precise enough to state a clear picture of what you want to say, like you don’t need to beat about the bush at all.
  2. Use humor in your speech if possible – you can also use some humans because the audience is not robotic. They are also humans.
  3. Always use a storytelling technique – commonly, humans memorize stories more, so there is no harm in telling a story to keep your speech more interesting and understandable.
  4. Make it simple – the language or words you use in your speech should be loud, clear, and crisp.
  5. Test your speech – before delivering your address to the ultimate audience, test your vocabulary. Later on, you can make changes to it, like you can add or omit some words to make your message more precise and clear.

Well, these 5 tips are fair enough to deliver a clear speech, and your audience will love it too.

Bonus Tip to Know How Many Words in 5 Minute Speech?

How about if we would share an idea through which you can easily measure the words spoken in a minute? It would be great, Right? So, without further ado, let’s get a jump into it.

Tip: a speech that is 1 minute long should have approximately 100-200 words.

So keeping this golden tip in mind, all you can say is a speech that is 5 minutes long should have 500- 1000 words in total.

Well, this has made your decision much easier, right? So, let’s wrap up our discussion.

Wrapping Up:

So, now it’s clear to you that the number of words in a five-minute speech massively depends upon the speaking style of that person.

While practicing, remember that these aren’t 5 minutes; these 5 minutes could make or break your image in front of a crowd. That’s why you don’t need to make your speech wordy. Always try to be clear and concise in your talks.

Wrapping up, we must say only the delivery style and speed can change the number of words in your speech. You can create a rough estimate of words depending on the above-stated factor.


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