What happens when schools start using the attendance management system



Every day, attendance is collected at schools and colleges to keep track of the number of pupils present. Since kindergarten days, it has been the first and most necessary procedure before commencing the lesson. Attendance daily helps determine the average proportion of students present during the year and the dropout rate.

On the other hand, the manual technique of collecting attendance has many drawbacks. If the manual computation is not done properly, it may go wrong. Furthermore, students may provide proxy attendance. 

Given the shortcomings of the conventional technique of collecting attendance, the student attendance management system is proposed. This article will discuss why your schools should use a student attendance system.

What exactly is the Student Attendance Management System?

The Student attendance management software replaces pen-and-paper attendance marking with online attendance tracking with a single click. Teachers may use this module to monitor and track student attendance data from mobile and desktop devices. 

The procedure becomes automated with RFID device integration. Students may scan their digital cards in front of an RFID device, and attendance is automatically recorded in the attendance management module. It reduces teacher burden since instructors are not required to spend precious time marking attendance.

Benefits Schools Get  When They Start To Use Attendance Management System.

  • Real-time attendance tracking.

A student attendance management system aids in the real-time tracking and storing of attendance data. Aside from student and staff attendance, the system assists school administrators in keeping and monitoring leave applications, arrival and departure times, lunch breaks, and staff and student vacations.

  • Maintaining parental awareness of their child’s attendance.

You don’t have to wait until you meet each child’s parents to record their attendance. You don’t even need to contact their parents about this. The automated attendance management system will notify parents when their children are due to report to school. 

Parents will get real-time information on their children’s online attendance and logging-in time as soon as they arrive.

Parents will be notified if their kid misses even one class. Real-time updates to parents about their child’s daily attendance will drastically cut dropout rates, and children will not miss courses without alerting their parents.

  • Make the payroll process more automated.

When payroll administration software is integrated with an attendance management system, the payroll process becomes more automated and efficient. The school HR department can manage employee absences and departures at a glance and modify compensation depending on that information.

Using the technology also decreases the possibility of payroll system mistakes. Because the biometric system estimates accurate working hours and holidays, the HR staff is less likely to make mistakes while tabulating the paycheck.

  • Proxy Attendance is not possible.

In many schools, particularly in the upper grades, students influence daily attendance using proxies, buddy punching, or tampering with records. Because each individual’s biometric information is unique, using a biometric/RFID system with an attendance module makes it practically difficult to falsify attendance.

This guarantees that attendance is correct and that there is no room for student manipulation. It also enhances the pupils’ punctuality and discipline.


The conventional teacher-led technique has various shortcomings and places needless demands on the teaching team. As a result, a reliable alternative that can do this operation without mistakes is required. Classes have switched from physical to virtual classrooms under this Covid-19 circumstance. As a result, in this difficult scenario, the classroom attendance tracking system has become a need rather than a luxury.

These were some of the advantages of extraordinary technology to educational institutions, emphasizing the importance of software in today’s digital era.



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