Key Metrics to Use Student Information System


Much information needs to be tracked to operate a school. Your staff may have a mountain of work to organise as a result of attendance records, transcripts of grades, invoices for tuition fees, applications, course schedules, and much more. How, then, do you maintain everything? Most schools’ solution is often a Student Information System (SIS). These specially designed software platforms assist schools in organising and gaining access to data about a wide range of topics, including their regular academic activities, admissions initiatives, financial operations, and much more.

Features of SIS

Here are a handful of the most crucial features you need in a student information system:

●     A User-Friendly Student Information System Is Important:

The most crucial factor to consider is how simple it is for your personnel to use a student information system. Your team won’t profit much from an SIS, no matter how many bells and whistles it has if the system is extremely complex and makes it difficult to access information.

A student information system with a simple, user-friendly design that makes it simple for newcomers to find what they’re seeking is what you should seek out.

●     Student Information Systems Need Academic Management:

Most student information systems let you keep track of each student’s schedule, grades, and attendance on a basic level. However, many platforms go further, transforming the student information system into a tool that aids your academic staff in creating success plans for every student.

For instance, some university-level systems come with study planning tools that can assist students and their advisers with degree planning, selecting majors, minors, and emphases, and keeping track of credits and GPA.

To increase student retention, other systems also include failing safes. For example, early warning notifications for at-risk students inform advisors if a student’s grades or attendance are declining so they can step in and help them get back on track.

●     Your Admissions Process Management Can Benefit from a Good SIS:

For your admissions department, an student information system can be incredibly helpful. Your staff can use it to handle the scheduling of interviews, acquire supporting materials like transcripts and passports, and follow the progress of applications and the fee collection process.

Some systems will also enable you to follow prospects who have already started the process, like those who have made enquiries or started applications but stopped before finishing them.

●     Your Student Information System Should Provide Parents & Students with Access:

Many schools need a student information system as an internal management system and a way to interact with their outside community. As a result, many will provide the parent or student portals, enabling them to monitor their performance and records in the same way that faculty does.

●     You Must Select a student information system with Specialized Features for Your Type of School:

Some sis student information system characteristics may be more significant than others depending on the sort of institution you work for. For instance, a university could have to keep track of everything from on-campus housing to course credits, enrollments, and financial aid.

On the other hand, a boarding school must monitor the students under its supervision’s dorm assignments, meal schedules, health, and other aspects of their well-being. This suggests that a student information system with tailored features created especially for the kind of school you attend would be worthwhile.

A system designed specifically for your requirements will be more likely to offer your required capabilities and may also be simpler for your team to understand.


Thankfully, many student information systems now provide this kind of reliable feature. And while a sophisticated student information system with all these features will probably be costly, your school may have the option to select several packages and the functionalities you require to suit your budget better.


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