Hakata Ramen

Hakata Ramen


A food item is not something that will fill your stomach and satisfy your hunger only. In fact, it is a representation of culture or society. Hakata Ramen is a name that many are aware of. Dishes like this help people in getting in touch with culture and tradition. It has been witnessed in the past that many civilizations are only living in the books of history with reference to the food items that are still being practiced today.

You can kill everyone on the planet, but there is no way that the food items can be destroyed. They will live forever until life survives on earth and even after that. Therefore if you want to know more about any society, country, or civilization, then food item is the basic step to start from. In fact, you will witness that many countries worldwide are promoting their food items just to promote tourism. In this article, you will learn all about the famous Hakata Ramen.

Hakata Ramen the mouthwatering Japanese cuisine

When it comes to excellent food items and broths, then there is no other place that stands true to your expectations than Japan. Hakata Ramen is a Japanese cuisine that is admired all over the world. You will surely be looking forward to an introduction to this extraordinary cuisine. So let us tell you that Hakata Ramen originated from the Hakata district in Fukuoka. Since this is ramen, therefore it is named as Hakata Ramen. If we categorize it, we will find it well placed among the Tonkotsu ramen noodles.

What is Hakata Ramen

We have only witnessed the origin and classification of the famous Hakata Ramen, but now it is time to look at the cuisine itself. So Hakata Ramen is a hot soup for noodles that have broth rich in cream and white in color. This broth is cooked from the backbones and head of pork with several secret ingredients.

The thin crunchy noodles

Unlike many other dishes here, you will find the noodles to be very thin, but their texture is also very hard. This is what makes them crunchy and unique.

The recipe of Hakata Ramen

The details mentioned above will help you understand Hakata Ramen. Now you will surely want to give it a try at your home. So in order to do so, you will need some authentic recipes. Thus below, we have mentioned all the relative detail to help you out.

Ingredients required for Hakata Ramen

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is the fact that there are several ingredients that must be prepared separately in order to get the perfect taste. Below we have mentioned all of these for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Thin crunchy noodles
  • The ramen sauce
  • The ramen broth or the ramen soup
  • Toppings
  • Chashu
  • Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

The preparation procedure

All of the preparations mentioned above have different ingredients and different preparation procedures. Therefore it is important that we follow them step by step. Below we have mentioned the complete procedure for the enhancement of your knowledge:

The preparation procedure

1.      Preparation of Noodles

In order for the preparation of the noodles required for Hakata Ramen, you will need flour, water, salt, and Kansui. Now start by adding flour into a bowl and add kansui, salt, and water in the bowl. After administering the ingredients, it is time to start the mixing process. Make sure that all the ingredients are well mixed and the ingredients are dispersed evenly. Stir and pack in a plastic bag for compression. Once the compression process is complete now, cut the dough into thin noodles.

2.      Preparation of Ramen Sauce

The ramen sauce, on the other hand, has a lot of ingredients. Mostly it is advised that you acquire the sauce from the market that is already prepared and ready to use in order to save some time. The sauce preparation requires, most of the time, tens of ingredients that are quite expensive if you buy them individually.

3.      Preparation of Ramen Soup

On the other hand, the ramen soup has a few ingredients, including the pre-boiled pork head bone and simple bone with water and pork shoulder loin. All you have to do is add the pre-boiled head bone and the other bone to a large pot and fill it with water. Now start boiling at a medium heating level. Make sure that the scum that appears on the stew is removed promptly.

a.      Heating and boiling

Now lower the heat level and add the shoulder loin of pork into the preparation. Let it heat for three hours, and then remove the shoulder loin. Now increase the heat and boil for 1 hour till the thick soup is left and strain it to leave the unnecessary particles aside. Repeat the process thrice.

b.      Marination

Take cooking sake, sugar, and Koikuchi Shoyu in a saucepan. Boil to ensure that the cooking sake is evaporated completely, and let it cool. Marination is conducted for 1 hour with pork shoulder loin.

4.      Preparation of toppings

The toppings can be prepared as per the taste of the person. If you are making the Hakata Ramen at home, then you can make your own toppings, whereas, in the market, they are prepared from the sliced black fungus combined with Japanese chili powder and hon mirin.

5.      Preparation of the Tonkotsu Soup

To make the Tonkotsu soup, all you have to do is add the soup in a bowl and add the ramen sauce. Now it is time to administer the boiled noodles. Add the necessary ingredients, and your Hakata Ramen is ready to be served.

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Hakata Ramen is representative of Japanese culture. It is not just an ordinary dish. In fact, its taste is so delicious that you will like to visit the place every now and then to give it another go. The details mentioned above will also help you make it home so that you can get the taste you desire at the place of your choice.


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