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Dedicated proxies (also known as private) work only for you, and access to them is open only to one. Private proxies provide better performance and security, but are more expensive than public proxies. Servers that specialize in selling tickets, scraping, buying exclusive clothes are private because they require high performance, and sharing proxies with other people increases the likelihood of getting banned.

What does use a proxy server do?

A proxy server is an intermediate link between a computer and a specific destination on a server that you want to visit. A normal connection uses an IP address and establishes a connection to the desired server. But when you browse a site that cannot be reached using your IP, proxy servers help you get to the site by redirecting the address through various connections and finally delivering to the desired site.

Proxies can help you browse websites with ease, as well as serve other purposes:

  • anonymity — IP address cannot be traced
  • bypassing censorship — content, not available in this location
  • IP change — helps to travel without problems.

There are two proxy servers to choose from, depending on your needs and privacy:

  1. A public or open proxy is available to everyone. There are a number of users that can connect to one proxy and it is controlled and can be tracked.
  2. A private proxy is a server that can only be used by one client at a time. The advantage is high speed and throughput. The server is called dedicated, because part of the company’s resource is given to it.

Privateproxy provides a dedicated service from $5 per month.

Benefits of a private proxy server

  1. Consistency: No need to search and tweak again and again. While on a public proxy, you have to reconfigure servers, but with private servers, it’s already configured.
  2. Protection Level: When you use a public proxy server, you can share the server with hackers as well as other unethical users.
  3. Security: Public proxy servers can be set up by hackers to steal your company’s personal information.
  4. SEO and Web Scraping: Increase site submission speed and improve SEO. It does this by blocking the device’s IP address.

Comparison of private proxies with other server connections

Providing individuality is considered a clear advantage. If the user purchases such software, then he can be sure that no one else has access to it. When you enter network resources, will see not a real IP address, but a completely different one that the system provides. In practice, a dedicated proxy server is guaranteed to hide the personal data, which minimizes the risk of DDoS attacks.

Other pluses include:

  • specifying a different geolocation for entering sites, this is convenient if the search object involves geo-blocking for residents of other countries
  • no impact on data transfer rate
  • no need to configure settings every time you log on (significantly reduces time)
  • private (dedicated) proxies are more secure than shared or residential versions.

The best and safest option is to buy and set up a private server, as this guarantees a smooth visit to any page on the Internet without leaking personal information. You can use the services of specialized companies, such as Privatproxy.

Main features of private proxies for business

Dedicated proxy servers provide a high level of anonymity for actions on any portals. Because of this characteristic, they are used for personal or business purposes. The use of private login allows the user to open access to closed or “deleted” pages.

  • The ad review organization uses dedicated proxies to verify advertisers and their landing pages. Viewing takes place under conditions of complete anonymity.
  • Such a connection is also useful for fare groupers in airlines and travel agencies. By using dedicated proxies, they can collect whatever data they need, bypassing geo-blocks or IP address bans.
  • In social networks, this allows you to manage profiles without restrictions. Some social networks may be blocked for certain countries, they do not give out accounts from other regions when searching. In order for access to the social network to be opened, it is prudent to create a profile through private networks.

For more convenient and widespread use of your social network account, you can set up mobile proxies for the device.

How to identify a decent provider

It’s better not to pay attention to cheap private proxies. Look for reviews, but remember that ads are everywhere. If there are no user reviews, it makes sense to refrain from cooperation.

Compare providers and contact them directly. Conscientious firms will always provide top-notch customer support and help documentation to get you started. This determines that the company is really focused on users and not on their data.

Check the technical aspects of the providers:

  • Is their IP pool big enough for what you want to do?
  • Do they offer free trials or money back guarantees?
  • Are their prices really affordable?

This is how you can be sure that you are getting a really “cheap” private proxy — after all, business and personal data are much more expensive.

Is there a choice?

Dedicated IP addresses are optional for most of the tasks you want to perform. Screening, account management and product releases can be done safely and securely with a shared IP pool. In most cases, the size of the proxy pool itself is important.

There may be a dozen dedicated IP addresses for a residential area, but if you send ten thousand requests through them, they will be blocked in a minute. On the other hand, a millionth total proxy network will easily cope with such a load and provide maximum results.

Good private proxies cannot be free or cheap

Even if you are using a custom proxy, you must get it from a reliable provider. Maintaining a private proxy is hard work and comes at a cost. If you’re not paying for a service, then someone is definitely paying. This means that you may be the item in the deal. This happens when a supposedly “personal” server is created by hackers to steal data or infect devices.


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