Does Kristen Bell Have Tattoos

Does Kristen Bell Have Tattoos


One of the most desperate things that you will come across in the modern-day world are the queries related to the famous personalities shared by their fans. Does Kristen Bell have tattoos is also a query gathering much attention. People like to ensure they are well acquainted with every personal and professional detail related to the stars they admire and idealize.

If we talk about the physical profile of famous personalities, then they are the ones that gather most of the attention. Ranging from height to body weight, the stars want to know everything.

If the person in question is a female star, then everything changes. Now the cuts and curves, along with the body measurement, become the priority. They try to ensure they are well aware of every inch of their bodies. In this article, we are trying to satisfy this need for information.

An introduction to Kristen Bell

The name Kristen Bell belongs to none other than the famous singer and actress with amazing modeling skills along with a perfect dancing portfolio. Thus we can say that she has all the characteristics that a fan requires from a perfect female star. You might have witnessed her in several projects in the past.

Does Kristen Bell have tattoos

Different schools of thoughts

Recently there has been a debate on online platforms regarding the tattoos of the famous actress. Now you might be wondering whether the information in question is actually true or not. So if we dive into the details, then we will learn that there are two schools of thought in this particular perspective. The first one believes that the star has more than 200 tattoos on her body. There is also another group that is determined that they are all fake.

How it actually started

If you want to learn the truth behind the story of tattoos, then you must give in to the details. It all started with the photos of the stunningly gorgeous star in, which she has been wearing tattoos all over her body. You might not find a single part of her body without tattoos. It was then and there that the debate regarding her tattoos was initiated. The fans wanted to believe that these tattoos were actually real.

The fake interview

So let us take you through the details; then you will learn that the photos actually belong to an old skit with the title “Funny or Die”. In this skit, she revealed a fake interview behind the scenes. During this interview, she is wearing several tattoos. She told the interviewer that she had these tattoos on her body. Then she was asked why they were not revealed till today. Thus the star shared in the fake interview that she has been using makeup to cover them up.

Clearing the air regarding rumors about tattoos

Years after this event, she reappeared on television and was asked about some of the most popular questions that are repeated on the internet. The star said that although she always wanted to have a tattoo engraved on her body, she currently has none. It was also asked why she does not have a tattoo on her body. In response to the question, she said it was because of her husband, Dax Shepard.

Why Kristen does not have tattoos

Below we have mentioned the statement in which she revealed that her husband does not like wearing tattoos.

“I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but my husband does not like girls with tattoos”.

Why Kristen does not have tattoos

Although the actress shared this information jokingly, people are trying to know whether the fact is true.

The most important rumor

One of the most famous things in this regard is that the actress Kristen Bell has 214 tattoos. This rumor has been trending among the fans of the famed actress and singer. This is a shockingly high number. The fans should also understand that hiding so many tattoos with the help of makeup is not an easy job. They should stop believing in rumors of this kind.

The most ironic detail on hand

The tattoo of Dax

One of the ironic details we will share will surely make you laugh. The actress has revealed in one of her appearances that her husband does not like women who wear tattoos. But recently, we discovered that her husband, Dax, has a tattoo engraved on his hand. If you look at his photos, you might find the tattoo of a bell engraved on one of his fingers.

Comprehending the tattoo

Now you might want to talk about the story behind the tattoo of the famous husband. Thus if we go through the details, then we will learn that the sole purpose of the tattoo is to replace the wedding ring. The tattoo of the bell actually represents the actress Kristen Bell. Also, it has the initials of the couple’s first daughter along with the letter D.  This D has now become the initial of the name of their second daughter named “Delta”.

The Tv series premier tattoo controversy

Also, one of the tattoo controversies of the couple will tell you that they showed up on the premier of the all-time famous tv series “Game of Thrones” wearing matching tank tops of grey color. There were engravings on them saying, “Stark in the streets, Wilding in the sheets”. Also, the couple had tattoos on their chest too. The engraving said, “Ours is the fury.”

The Tv series premier tattoo controversy

The desire to have a tattoo

Let us tell you about the desire of the star to have a tattoo in her own words. We have mentioned these details for the enhancement of your knowledge:

“I mean, at one point, I’m going to get a little back tattoo that says ‘there’s no such thing as other people’s children’ because there’s just not, I mean, I believe it to my core because everyone you pass on the street was celebrated when they were born.”

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Does Kristen Bell have tattoos is a query that has finally been resolved. Now we are aware that the rumors regarding 214 tattoos are lies. Currently, the star has not inked a single tattoo on her body despite her desire. We hope the fans will soon see her in character wearing tattoos to satisfy their desires.


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