Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour


The charm of the strawberry blonde hair colour is simply unimaginable. If we try to overcome the effects of this hairstyle, then we cannot do so for centuries. If we take a look, then we will understand that these hair colors are more common among females as compared to males. Therefore we have focused this research on only female strawberry blonde hair color designs.


Although different online and offline style books offer you several designs and styles, thus you can choose the one of your liking with ease. But once you go through these lists, you surely get double-minded by looking at numerous options. Therefore we must offer you a list of all the important hairstyles perfect for strawberry blonde hair colour and the different shades of it.

What is strawberry blonde hair colour

This hair color can be ranked as the shade between red and blonde tones. Plus, it is the gorgeous color you will find on the list. If you still have not gotten the idea, let us put it this way: the color you find in between redheads and blondes is strawberry blond.

What is strawberry blonde hair colour

The popularity of this shade

Now you might be wondering whether this style is important or not. So let us tell you that many famous names from the entertainment and other sectors have worn this shade in modern times. A few of these names are mentioned below for your satisfaction:

  • Blake Lively
  • Isla Fisher
  • Amy Adams etc.

The things to note

Especially if you have a fair skin tone, then these shades go perfectly with your looks. If you want to go for a bolder look, then it is time that you go for the brighter strawberry along with the copper tones to get the desired results. No matter the type of hair that you have, these styles work the best for you.

The style book

1.     The strawberry shade with long wavy hairs

The details help us understand that this color is not a true red nor blonde. If we talk about the shade of this color, then they are numerous, ranging from lighter to dark ones. When it is worn with long hair, it gives a perfect look. Especially if these long hairs have waves or some curls, the resulting looks are simply mind-blowing. This style is perfect for females with fair skin tones and wavy locks.

2.     The strawberry blonde hair with the addition of the bangs

This hairstyle will help you take yourself back to the era of the 70s. If you want to feel that way, this hairstyle is the perfect option. Also, it is a bit different from the rest of the styles on the list. The hairstyle works for females with all hair types, including the ones with thick or thinner hair.

The universal nature

If you have hairs of different lengths and the size of the forehead is also different, even then, the style in question will suit the same in all these conditions. This makes strawberry blonde hair with bangs the universal hairstyle.

3.     The extra long straight hair with the strawberry blond shade

If you want to have a mesmerizing hairstyle that will leave the spectators dumbfounded at the end of the day, then it is time to shoot for the extra-long hair. Once combined with the strawberry blonde shade, these hairs will get you mind-blowing results. Also, their sleekness and sophisticated appearance make them look perfect. Plus, it will help you in creating volume. Also, it will reflect positive vibes regarding your personality and style.

4.     Long wavy hair with a copper strawberry blond shade

Although long hairs have a huge effect on the public. But if you want to retain this effect and make it long-lasting, then it is time to go for the long wavy hairs. Once these waves are induced, they will enhance your look. To maximize the effect, you should get the copper strawberry blonde shade. This shade makes blonde highlights and gives you a subtle look that makes you feel more modernized than the mannequins in the style books.

5.     The natural hair with star berry blond shade

People tend to go for different hairstyles, but there is nothing better than natural hair. This style is surely something that you will look forwards to. Also, the details help us understand that the natural hairstyle, when combined with the strawberry blonde shade, gives a truly awesome look. It simply looks like you were born with the hair of this shade. This is why this shade and style are loved among the celebrity circle.

6.     Long curly hair with bright strawberry blond hair

If you want to take a look at the strawberry blonde colour in action, then all you have to do is make sure that you go for the long curly hair. These hairs go best with the brighter shade of strawberry blonde colour. Thus, the fiery bright shade will help you make a strong statement and surely enhance your confidence. They are sensual and can bring life to normal textured hairs.

7.     Ombre strawberry blonde hair

You might want to know about the ombre blonde hair. So let us tell you that this style refers to hairs with darker roots. And once we start moving towards the tips, the hairs become lighter. Also, this shade goes well with the strawberry blonde colour. The maintenance required for this shade is minimum. You only need to give it a touch after 6 to 8 weeks. If you want to portray the illusion of thicker locks then this style is just made for you.

8.     Light strawberry blonde shade style

If your skin tone is fair, then you should be rest assured that the hair will look perfect with the wavy look. All you have to do in such hairs is induce light strawberry blonde shade to get the desired results. This was all about.


Strawberry blonde hair colour shades and styles are unique from everyday hairstyles. Especially among females, these are trending. We are witnessing the modeling and the entertainment sector promoting this style.

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We look forward to our readers giving the styles mentioned above a try.


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