Delta Flight Attendant Zip ties Hijacker

Delta Flight Attendant Zip ties Hijacker

Delta Flight Attendant Zip ties Hijacker was the most searched phrase after June 4, 2021, because Delta Flight 386 boarded on this day but soon had a dramatic emergency landing. ”Delta Flight Attendant Zip ties Hijacker” made its way into the headlines on every news channel. The unusual news terrified the plane passengers and those sitting in front of their television sets alike. The flight took off from Los Angeles, and its destination was Nashville. One hundred sixty-one passengers boarded Delta Flight 386, and there were six flight attendants or crew members.  visit here

Delta Flight Attendant Zip ties Hijacker

A unanimous man ran to the cockpit door as the flight departed from the Los Angeles airport. The man repeatedly yelled: ”Stop the plane,” while fisting the door. The heroic Delta Flight Attendant, Christopher Williams, tied the alleged hijacker with zip ties. The passengers also played their part in restraining them as they thought of him as a hijacker and, of course, a risk to their lives. They tied their hands and feet with a yellow chord. Meanwhile, a fellow passenger shared video footage in which we can see Williams wrestling with the man and carrying him to the rear of the plane with other passengers’ help.

Then, they placed him down on a seat. The Delta Flight 386 video went viral on all social media platforms, including Twitter. All the Twitter users found a new reason to praise flight attendants; Many flight passengers have posted applauding comments about the timely action taken by Christopher Williams that saved the lives of many people in the air.

If you search the phrase: ”Delta Flight Attendant zip ties the Hijacker” on YouTube, you will be flooded with interesting videos. Moreover, a similar thread on Reddit went viral too. In short, every social media user has generously applauded William’s bravery, sense of duty, and humanity.

Many more lives could have been lost had it not been for the kind, brave, and responsive flight attendants who put their own well-being at risk. Each year, the government and police departments award honors and police challenge coins to citizens who have acted valiantly in recognition of their selfless acts of helping their fellow citizens. It is because of them that the lives of citizens are greatly protected.


But, wait! everything was not that simple.

The hijacker created havoc with his attempt to break into the cockpit. The flight was diverted to Albuquerque, and it deplaned the alleged hijacker. The flight landed there at 2:20 pm, and airport police arrested him. Albuquerque airport arranged another plan to transport all passengers to Nashville safely. So, this was the hidden, ‘extra-detail’ of the story.

What a passenger says in his CNN Interview

A passenger on Delta Flight 386, Grace Chalmers, told CNN that the man was unprovoked. He got up from his seat, rushed madly to the pilot’s cabin and repeatedly banged at the doors. Chalmers said that passengers held him to the ground nearly for 20 minutes until the pilots successfully diverted the plane’s direction and made an emergency landing at Albuquerque International Sunport.

What a passenger says in his CNN Interview

Moreover, Delta has admired the quick reaction of crew members and the sense of responsibility of the fellow passengers. In a message, Delta said thank you to the crew and all of the passengers of Flight 386 who helped in detaining a troublesome passenger as the flight changed its route to Albuquerque. Delta issued a statement that the aircraft safely landed without any harmful incident, and law enforcement agencies successfully removed the hijacker.

The FBI is not sitting idle!

Albuquerque Airport’s Spokesperson, Stephanie Kitts, has told USA Today that the FBI has taken notice of the issue and is investigating the incident. The airport police took the man into custody after the Delta flight made an emergency landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. However, law enforcement authorities chose not to reveal the man’s name or further details on the incident. FBI Albuquerque posted a comprehensive statement on Twitter, saying there was no threat to passengers as they detained the unruly hijacker. The post was very engaging and got a lot of public response.

Delta Flight Attendant Zip ties Hijacker Videos.

Suppose you want to know every nitty-gritty detail of the incident. In that case, Twitter is the best place for you because it seems like every passenger in every row of Delta 386 posted his experience as a video with a unique description in the caption.

For instance, a person shared the video on Twitter with the caption: ”Someone tried to hijack my plane. Oh, God! we just had an emergency landing.”

In this regard, the most significant video was when Williams was explaining to a passenger why he detained the man as a hijacker. He says: ”He kept banging the flight door, that’s not tolerable at any cost. The moment he banged the door, it was over.”

Delta Flight Attendant Zip ties Hijacker Videos.

Jessica Robertson, a lady, sitting in the 3rd row, shared her experience as a witness. She started her comment with the words I am witness to everything that happened.” It was terrifying, but our flight attendant acted quickly, so did everyone sitting around me. Everyone is safe, but we are still in Albuquerque.” She ended her comment with the prospect that Delta authorities give him the recognition and bonus he deserves.

MH370: Another aircraft in trouble

In March 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing under mysterious circumstances. There are many speculations about the aircraft’s disappearance, but no one of them is confirmed. A theory goes like the crash investigator Peter McMahon found the wrecked aeroplane in Google Earth Footages. Another speculation suggests that the cockpit caught fire, due to which the plane lost the communication. Similarly, Week magazines claimed the probability of cracks and holes on the body of the plane. The most interesting theory is put forward by historian Norman Davies who says that MH370 was a special case of cyber hijacking.

Crash investigators are still searching for the ill-fated plane in the Indian Ocean because water covers more than seventy per cent of the Earth, and lost planes mostly have to do something with the water. Unfortunately, no one knows what happened with the poor MH370.

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Final Words

Delta Flight Attendant Zip ties the hijacker to save the lives of others. Hats off to Williams’ humanity, sense of responsibility and bravery. Other passengers deserve applause as well because it was teamwork. We all expect Delta authorities give him nothing less than heroic recognition.


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