Choose the correct shape for your cowboy hat – The three important tips to keep in mind

your cowboy hat

Today, you will come across many western hats that belong to the Far West. However, one that has become popular amongst men and women is the cowboy hat. And it is more than just a hat. The cowboy hat is a genuine emblem, as most fans of country music would know. 

You can call them western hats or cowboy hats. And much beyond this symbol that they represent, the cowboy hat is a stylish accessory for your attire, and you can leverage it in many ways. The fact is that western hats are a great companion to some of your choicest journeys. For instance, when you are traveling through the horse riding trails, taking a beach vacation, visiting the countryside, or moving through the western landscapes – this hat can be your companion. That aside, you can also use the when you are opting in for the special dance nights. 

The spirit of the cowboy hat

Few things successfully capture the spirit of chasing your dreams, freewheeling, and the American West. And one of the things that do it best is the stylish cowboy hat. Even though most cowboy hats bring the lawless and wild frontier world to your mind, it doesn’t indicate that the western style section has no rules. There are a few rules that you need to abide by. 

And since there are various shapes and styles that the cowboy hats come in, it works best when you check out the guidelines to select the best hat for you. If you have been searching for that, this article has you covered. Here we highlight some of the best and essential tips that will enable you to select the correct cowboy hat shape for yourself. 

Learn about the different shapes of the cowboy hats

You need to choose the correct style of accessories for yourself. One crucial aspect that determines the shape of the cowboy hat is its crown crease. The various styles have evolved across different times to cater to multiple purposes in the West. Some of the common shapes include the following:

  • Open crown – It gives a rounded look and possesses no crown crease. 
  • Cattlemen crease – It has one crease at the crown center and two dents on both sides. 
  • Gus – It has a tall brim along with three front creases and has a steep slope. 
  • Gambler – It has a flat crown top and a round indent. 
  • Pinch front – It has a crown that possesses a diamond-shaped pinch front. 

When you browse through these hat types, you can become more particular about the correct hat shape for you, depending on how tall a crown you want. It will also help you to decide how curved or wide a brim you want. 

Select a hat depending on your face shape

When you are trying to select an attire, you generally try to select it depending on the body shape. The rule applies to hats. Most people use their facial profiles to enable them to choose the correct cowboy hat. People can make their hats look good. However, here are a few suggestions that you can abide by:

  • Round and oval shape face – Opt-in for tall and medium height crowns that have a curved brim. 
  • Long-shaped face – Choose a medium-size crown that has a curved, wide brim and the cattlemen crease. 
  • Heart-shaped face – Choose a hat with a flatter brim and a pinched crease. 
  • Square-shaped face – Choose a hat that is wide-brimmed and has an open crease. 

Select your cowboy hat by function

The cowboy hats have evolved over the years for several reasons. For instance, the Gus variant was mostly reserved for dancing purposes. Also, the form of this hat is simple for cowboys for tipping the hats to the ladies. And the shape of the hat you select might change based on if you decide to wear the hat for a dancing event or riding. However, it would help if you keep the following in mind:

  • The low hat crowns don’t gather warm air. 
  • The high-hat crowns generally accumulate hot air to keep the wearer warm during a cold climate. 
  • The larger crowns will enable you to pull your hat further down to prevent it from getting blown away because of the wind. 

Hence, you can say that the stylish cowboy hats are American in essence. You have the option to choose from the gambler and the cattlemen crease and other types as well. If you are not sure, you can opt-in for the Stetson hats that will enable you to sport your best look. Last but not least, you must get your cowboy hat from a reputed hat maker so that they can guide you on the style as well as the size. Today, there are reputed hat makers available online that specialize in stylish and high-end cowboy hats. 



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