Can we use wall tiles on the floor?

Wall tiles

Tiles are the most durable and budget-friendly option to make your place breathe out. They can be used to cover walls and floors, interior and exterior. People nowadays decorate their whole area with tile because of their astonishing structure.

Manufacturers are designing new styles and textures day to day. In this way, the tile trend goes on. Now for each area, you can purchase different tiles according to the structure. Especially walls and floor tiles are different because of their structure, material and texture. 

However, many people still ask whether they can use wall tiles on floors or not. Professional Tilers in Perth recommend that only wall tiles with a high COF rate can be used for floor tiles. However, before you install tiles, you must know the difference between walls and floor tiles.

Difference between Walls and Floor Tiles

Water and heat resistance

Ceramic and porcelain are two different kinds of tile for walls and floors. Both tiles are good at resisting water. However, wall tiles are thinner and not good at resisting heat. Especially in the kitchen, everyone wants good quality tiles on countertop applications. If you decide to use wall tiles as countertop tiles, that would not be a good option.

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In contrast with the wall tiles, floor tiles are thicker. These tiles are made to withstand heat and water for protection. Especially in high-traffic areas, you cannot install wall tiles on the floor.

Durability and maintenance

Both wall and floor tile are durable according to their structure, style and maintenance process if installed in their places. However, if you replace the wall tiles on floors, durability and maintenance get compromised.

As wall tiles are thinner than the floor tiles, they can get cracked in high-traffic areas. On the floor, you need to put heavy furniture and other accessories according to the place. Wall tiles cannot bear the heavy burden and break with even a small amount of weight. Therefore, you can use floor tiles for walls but not wall tiles for the floor.

The lifespan of walls and floor tiles

The lifespan of wall and floor tiles is equal because of their manufacturing and structural process. However, their lifespan will decrease if you install wall tiles on the floor. Walls tiles are long lasting walls. But these are not durable for the floor. 

When people install tiles and stock left in huge amounts, they decide to install those in the kitchen, bathroom and store areas. Professional tilers warn those who make such mistakes. There are different kinds of tiles for the kitchen and bathroom floors than the common floor tiles because such floors require high water-resistant tiles.

How do tiles rate in terms of COF?

The COF is essential to look at while choosing the wall tile. This rating shows the slip resistance. The wall tiles are mostly high in slip resistance. Therefore, using these wall tiles for floor renovation is not a good option. Using slippery porcelain tiles on the floor makes it a full hazard situation in the entire place. You can use tiles with a high COF rating to avoid slippery floors. Low COF wall tiles are not intended to be placed on the floor as they are slippery and breakable in high-traffic areas.

Why are wall tiles inappropriate for use as flooring?

COF and water-resistance ratings are generally low for wall tiles. Therefore, they cannot be used on floors. To ensure your tiles are suitable for use as flooring, check with the manufacturer before ordering them for your living room project.

Neither ceramic nor glass tiles can support the weight of floor tiles. A disaster awaits if you use them. A new floor would cost a fortune if you tore it up and started over. Several flooring tile designs work well on walls, even if most wall tiles shouldn’t be used on the floor.

The most popular materials for floor tiles are ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone. Finding the right tiles will require some time and patience.

Work with professional tilers in Perth for the best floor renovation process.

Professional tilers have better knowledge than a common person. Therefore, if you are perplexed about using the wall tiles on the floor, take assistance with the tilers in Perth. Tilers know perfectly what is suitable wall tiles that you can use for the floor.


Many people think that they can use the wall tile on the floor. When they do it, they get disastrous results after some days. We all know that tiles are durable and easy to maintain, but for every place, tiles are different. Not all wall tiles can be used for floor renovation. Tiles for walls and floors differ greatly. You can find it in the above-mentioned content. However, if you want to use wall tiles on the floor, you must assist with the Tilers in Perth for better knowledge. In this way, your investment will not get wasted.

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