Rhoni Reuter

Rhoni Reuter

What do you know about Rhoni Reuter and her complete story? Shaun Gayle, a former Chicago Bears player, was Reuter’s girlfriend. Yang’s attorney was interviewed as part of her request for a new trial in the case.

“I made up everything I said,” Yang admitted in an interview with her lawyer.

Yang has been in prison for the past 13 years for the murder of Rhoni Reuter and her unborn child. Former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle was Reuter’s boyfriend and the father of her unborn child.

Jed Stone, Yang’s attorney, argues there is no physical evidence linking her to the murder. Stone just conducted an interview with Yang in prison, and he had complete control over the questions answered.

He claims that the claimed confession Yang delivered to a friend wearing a wire is the most powerful piece of evidence against her.

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“As soon as I spotted that wire, I knew it was a chance,” Yang explained.

Yang claims she gave a false confession because she claimed police were threatening to arrest her son for the crime.

“I was just not thinking beyond stopping what was happening to my children,” Yang explained. “I was confident that once the matter was in the hands of the legal system, it would be apparent that I did not commit this crime.”

Yang, 54, is incarcerated at the Logan Correctional Center in downstate New York. Her lawyer hopes a Lake County judge will hold a hearing to evaluate if Yang is eligible for a new trial. He believes putting a client on camera at this case stage is risky, but it is important.

Yang has become a grandma to a small child she has never met during her stay in prison. She claimed that the precise plan she devised to confess to save her children is now keeping her apart from them. She stated that the prospect of a new trial keeps her going.

The family of murder victim Rhoni Reuter has expressed concern about Marni Yang’s plea for a retrial.

For the first time, the family of murder victim Rhoni Reuter has spoken out about her convicted killer’s efforts to obtain a new trial. In a high-profile case, Marni Yang is serving two life terms for killing Reuter and her unborn child. However, Reuter’s family is concerned that the incoming Lake County State’s Attorney will not defend his conviction.

“We feel she is responsible. She acknowledged it. She was found guilty. And we’ll make certain that Rhoni’s voice is heard “said Thad Reuter.

She was seven months pregnant when Rhoni Reuter was murdered in her Deerfield home in 2007. She was carrying the child of her long-term boyfriend, former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle.

“Rhoni looked after Shaun. She had feelings for him. She was carrying his child “Thad stated.

Marni Yang was convicted of murdering Reuter and her unborn child by a jury in about three hours in 2011. Prosecutors said Reuter was envious because Gayle was dating someone else, and they played a covertly taped confession Reuter made to a friend.

“There’s a plethora of proof against her in this case,” Thad stated.

But Yang’s attorneys filed a motion to reopen the case in 2019, citing new information that they believe merits a new trial. On Tuesday, Reuter’s brother Thad issued a letter condemning the endeavor, stating that there is no fresh evidence and that “enough is enough.”

“Obviously, we’re appealing that this not be retried,” he said.

The family is also anxious that new Lake County State Attorney Eric Rinehart would not fight the conviction, claiming that his office has not returned their phone calls, unlike past state attorneys.

“We’re not feeling as at ease this time,” Thad admitted.

Rinehart disagrees, stating, “Rhoni’s brother, Thad, has been kept up to date on all developments in this critical matter by our office. Our primary goal will be to obtain justice for Rhoni.”

“I appreciate the Reuters’ worry about reopening past wounds,” Yang’s defense counsel, Jed Stone, said. But, according to Stone, emotions cannot override facts.

“Every State’s Attorney owes obligation to the public to examine cases with fresh eyes,” he stated.

“I see it as a smokescreen, a last ditch effort, and a legal Hail Mary to get her out of jail,” Thad’s brother stated.

The matter will be heard again in May, and a decision on a new trial for Yang could get made as early as this summer.

See the Reuter family’s entire statement below:

On October 4, 2007, Rhoni Reuter and her unborn daughter Skylar were murdered at their Deerfield home. They were both victims of women who sought to remove them as rivals. She shot Rhoni twice in the abdomen to kill Skylar before shooting my sister in the back of the skull. My family’s 14-year journey through hell began at that moment, and I fear another chapter might begin at any time.

Any crime victim or their family may tell you about the terror of being subjected to such violence. The funeral for Rhoni was a blur. Our hearts had been broken. We were stunned. Friends and family were taken aback. The assassination of Rhoni shocked all of us.

Detectives showed up at Rhoni’s funeral. They had no concern about who or what they were looking for, but as any good cop will tell you, that’s normal. Cases can be broken down by the slightest of clues. Clues influenced police work. That work resulted in wiretapping, which resulted in a taped confession, which resulted in the arrest 17 months after the shooting.

Rhoni and the lady had both dated Shaun Gayle; a former Chicago Bears football player and member of the famed ’85 Super Bowl team, which drew national attention to the case. Gayle was Rhoni’s baby’s father, and the woman thought they’d never be together while Rhoni and Skylar were around.

The evidence was compelling. The proof would tell for Rhoni and Skylar nearly four years after their deaths, but this time in court. She was found guilty of both charges of murder and sentenced to life in prison on both counts. That evening, for the first time in a long time, we shed tears of relief rather than pain.

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I still can’t say the woman who murdered my sister and her unborn daughter, but our years of waiting seemed to be ended. The woman, who a jury had already convicted, subsequently lost her appeal. We could breathe for the first time since Rhoni and Skylar died. But now it’s all starting afresh. It was the complete story about Rhoni Reuter and her family’s statement.


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