Best Practices When Writing Your First Essay

first essay writing skills

Writing has always been a very intimidating and daunting process for me. From the old school days of writing essays and autobiographies to the compilation of thesis and dissertations, the journey has been long and a lot like pressurizing for so many students.

Agreeing with the fact the Shakespeare stated, the pen is mightier than the sword. Though the bitter reality is, only a pen can never make you a greater writer.

To thrive in the writing industry, you need to work a lot on your writing skills! Writing is itself a talent, and if one loves to write, then practicing it would make him perfect.

However, it will be a little confusing and puzzling task for the student. Crafting an authentic and genuine piece of writing to get admission in college or publishing your very first piece of the blog, you need to learn some basic practices of writing.  

Are you struggling in writing your first essay as well? If that’s how the case sounds, then you are at the right place. Below, I have compiled the best practices that you must be known before writing your first essay!

Are you ready to dive into the study? Let’s go ahead then.

Best Practices When You Are Writing Your First Essay:

Writing the assignment is one of the most complex tasks for the students. Meeting the tough deadlines and understanding the academic trouble effectively is not easy; I completely second you.

A lot of the students take the help of online assistance and get their essay writing and assignment completion done from the professionals of essay writing UK by AssignmentMaster. This is relatively a cheaper option and helps the student to submit their essays on time.

But still, writing the essays on your own is a completely different aura! Here are the best practices that you must be knowing before crafting your first essay.

Pick a Topic and Create an Outline:

Before writing the essay, pick a great topic and get into its study. Find out the unique one as people would love to read a new perspective and thinking. After finalizing the topic, create an outline to follow.

Perform Extensive Research:

Once the topic is decided, it is time to start great research. Search the newspapers, go thoroughly the books, find the answers from the internet, and gather all the data. Once after compiling your research, you are ready to write.

Write the First Draft of the Essay:

With the help of all your research and gathered data, you are ready to write the first draft of your essay. Make sure to keep it rough, and first, give priority to the completion of your essay. Do not focus on the length and errors in the first draft.

Check for Vocabulary and Readability:

Once you will complete the first draft of the essay, get it finalized. Check out the vocabulary and the correct use of words. Also, check for readability and the connection between the phrases and information.

Keep the Things Precise Yet Strong:

Keep the sentences precise and short. But make sure that these short-length sentences are strong enough to prove your point valid. The introduction and conclusion must be strong as well to keep the reader hooked with your writing.

Edit and Proofread:

After checking and finalization, read your draft for the final editing and proofreading. You can ask the help of your friend as well to read your essay. He would help in pointing out the silly mistakes and would check it for the readability as well.


Keep the aforementioned best practices in your mind before writing your first essay. These effective tips would help you to craft impressive essays with the passage of time. Have a happy writing experience!


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