8 Teenager-Approved Gift Ideas


If you feel like your teenager is impossible to shop for, you’re not alone. One easy way to gain some insight into what your picky teen might like is to take a peek at their social media and learn what’s trending on the platforms they use. According to Forbes, 97 percent of Gen Z consumers said social media is their top source of shopping inspiration.

The most commonly used social media platforms among teenagers include TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, but you don’t have to spend hours combing these platforms to find the perfect gift for your teen — the legwork has already been done for you.

Here are eight must-have gift ideas that can come in clutch when shopping for finicky teenagers. 

1. Headphones 

Music is an essential part of many teenagers’ lives. A new pair of nice headphones, like Apple’s hugely popular AirPods or the classic Beats by Dre, is sure to please any adolescent music lover.

2. Pillow Slides

Pillow slides are the perfect teenager-approved alternative to boring house slippers. These puffy padded slides will win your teen over the moment they feel the plush, pillowy and luxurious texture that awaits them within.

3. Mini-Fridge

More teens are getting mini-fridges, but not for the reason you may think. Many young people use stylish mini-fridges to store skin care products and other temperature-sensitive items in optimal conditions.

Even if your teen isn’t a skin care buff, they’ll still enjoy having a mini-fridge of their own to stash snacks and beverages.  

4. Scrunchie Multipack

Teenagers have successfully brought back several trends from the 1990s and 2000s, and scrunchies are one of them. A giant scrunchie multipack is a simple way to give your teen something they’ll actually use.

5. The North Face Clothing 

While on the subject of ’90s fashion, The North Face jackets and similar apparel are positioned at the top of many teens’ most-wanted lists. Young adults of today seem to prefer the casual comfort of athleisure wear, and nobody does it better than The North Face. From design to durability, this clothing is a certified teen-pleaser. 

6. Makeup Brushes

For many teenagers, makeup is an art form. If your teen can’t live without makeup, a new set of brushes may just make the perfect gift. It shows how well you know them and gives them the tools they need to practice fresh new techniques. 

7. Photo Clip String Lights

Photo clip string lights are an easy way for your teen to decorate and customize their room. They can immortalize all their favorite memories with friends forever on these cute, infinitely rearrangeable string lights. Pair some string lights with a mini Polaroid instant camera, and you’ll have one happy teenager.

8. A Personalized Journal

If your teenager yearns to express themselves through songwriting, poetry, drawing or journaling, a personalized journal can make a fantastic sentimental gift. Journaling has been shown to have many benefits for teenagers beyond its popularity as a creative outlet.

If you don’t think your teen would use a blank journal, consider a guided journal or Wreck This Journal, where they’re given specific prompts or tasks to complete.

Effort-Free Gifts Your Teen Will Totally Love

Shopping for teenagers can be tricky, but don’t overcomplicate things. Just consider their favorite cultural niches and how they like to spend their time, and you’re certain to pick a winner.



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