3 Best Tips for How to Promote Your Art on Instagram


Thanks to the popularity of social media platforms, artists today have great opportunities to show their art to more people than ever before. And while each social network comes with its set of advantages, and each of them performs better for different things, when it comes to promoting art, Instagram has been proven to be the best choice.

The reason is obvious—over a billion people use this network to share and consume visual content. So, learning how to grow your art Instagram account can help you reach a large audience across the globe, and even make a living from your art. Depending on what your goal is, whether you only want to show your art, sell it, meet other artists, find job opportunities, or want to become Instagram-famous, there are many different tactics you can try to promote your art on Instagram, and here are three crucial ones.

1. Use Content Wisely

It’s logical that without posting great content you can’t expect to have a successful art Instagram account. It’s simple, without valuable content, followers will leave your page. And one of your most important goals (as well as one of the biggest challenges) should be not only to get new followers but also to keep the ones you already have around. 

It’s vital to remember that simply posting your art will most likely not be enough if your goal is to grow. To achieve loyalty aside from your art you also have to offer content that will keep your followers interested and help them connect with you emotionally. To achieve this, you can post behind-the-scenes videos, where they can see your creative process, the place where you work, your inspiration, and parts of your personal daily life, to name just a few examples.

Popular Instagram accounts also often have content themes. This can provide coherency, and most importantly, it may provoke anticipation in your followers. For instance, you can post teasers about your current projects, ask them to stay tuned, you can have a weekly update, and so on. You can also establish an aesthetic for your account that will immediately remind followers of you and your art, whether it’s through the use of certain colors or, through organizing the profile in certain ways.

2. Plan Your Content and Create a Schedule

Trying to upload your art to Instagram more frequently is a good way to keep your profile in the spotlight. This way you’ll create a strong presence on the platform which will allow followers and potential fans to find your artwork, and connect with you.

Planning doesn’t refer to how many times a day you should publish. Posting content more than once a day can be more harmful to your Instagram success. When we say you should plan, we refer to the type of content you publish, as well as the tools you use to make your Instagram strategy more efficient, and easier to execute. 

There isn’t one single good formula for a content schedule. It all depends on you and your audience. However, it’s important to learn the best time to post on Instagram. One great way to find the best strategy for your Instagram profile is to experiment. Post at different times, post with different frequencies, etc., and check out what brings you the most engagement. Also, to create the best content schedule for your profile, you should make sure to track the relevant metric. 

3. Take Advantage of Your Instagram Bio

Very often the first thing an Instagrammer will do when they are attracted to an account is look at the Bio. This is one of the things that will help them form their first impression, which, as we know, in the digital world is immensely important. In your Instagram Bio, you should include your name, your profession, your location, what makes you unique, etc. You should also provide a link to your website and any other social media accounts you may use for your art, as well as a way the person reading it can contact you. 

Furthermore, you can add hashtags and mentions to your profile which can help you reach even more people in your niche. Your Bio is a great opportunity to get creative and find new ways to promote your art.


The way Instagram works is as if it was created for artists to promote their art. It’s a platform that focuses on visual content and offers one of the most accurate targeting algorithms. Aside from these three tips, you should also take advantage of every useful feature that the network offers (hashtags, Reels, Stories, paid ads), and don’t be afraid to take advantage of the trends (challenges, memes, live streaming).


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