5 Crucial Content Marketing Metrics to Track And Improve for Your Clients


Running your own business in today’s competitive world is far from easy. You need to know these 5 content marketing metrics if you want your business to survive and thrive.

If you want to know what these 5 marketing tactics are, keep reading ahead. Especially if you are writing a dissertation on this subject, you won’t need Online Exam Help Service after you are done reading this article. So without further delay, let’s put an end to your curiosity and explore those 5 crucial content marketing metrics to make your business successful.

SERP Position

Before you start reading it as a word, this is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Results Page. As you must be able to tell by the name, this metric is all about how your content answers the users’ needs and queries. One of the reasons why this is so important is that it can tell you how like you or unlikely you are to drive in traffic. Of course, nobody would visit your page if it doesn’t give them what they want.

Hence, you need your content to top the rank at the highest position. Watch tutorials if needed because this is an area worth investing your time in to grow your business.

Unique Page Views

Monitor unique page views as they show you the number of viewers who visit your page without considering any repeat views. Companies usually measure total pages even though it only shows the overall page visits and that is a mistake. This is because if someone keeps refreshing the page, it will count in total views as multiple views view which is poor for keeping track of your users. Unique page views are far better because they can help you understand what kind of people are visiting your page the most and least.

If your unique page views are less than total page views, it shows that the same viewers keep returning to your page. This can help you understand the impact of your current content marketing and advertising strategies.

Social Media Shares

Social media gathers people and your business depends on people; so connect the dots yourself. Since your content marketing relies on people, social media should be one of your primary focuses. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have billions to millions of people and that offers you tons of potential. Social media allows more and more people to visit and view your content and connect with you. in fact, they might even help you to increase your reach by sharing it with their friends, family, and acquaintances. This is a great way to increase awareness and get more leads.

Although you will need to choose the social media platform wisely as it affects your traffic, audience size, and the number of viewers. For example, if your content is more towards the professional side, try LinkedIn or go for Twitter if you are sharing world news-related content.

Exit Rate

This is one of the most important metrics that companies forget to consider while evaluating their strategies. The exit rate can tell you how many people left your page without even reading it. The main goal of your content is to keep the visitors hooked and if your exit rate is high, it’s clearly not working. This can help you consider your errors and come up with better content to make those visitors stay longer. Meanwhile, a low exit rate shows that your content was successful in taking your visitor from one paragraph or even one page to another.

Exist rate can also show you which pages are driving away visitors to help you work on their repelling elements. There are tons of ways to make them stay; use exit intent pop-ups or suggest helpful blog posts and free resources, or even CTAs.

Pages Per Session

As you can already tell, this tells how many pages your user sees during a given session. This is important because it gives your insight into your content’s engagement. This is especially useful if your business relies on Adsense, advertising, and affiliate income. This is because the more pages the users visit per session, the more time they will spend, and hence, the more money you will make from their time.

Even if you don’t rely on their time to earn money, it can still help you boost your content’s quality and engagement. Considering all of this can help you make better content with successful outcomes for your business.


When it comes to growing your market, you just cannot ignore the importance of these 5 metrics. They can surely help you improve your content marketing strategies and hold on to the ones that benefit you. So whether you are running a business or a research student looking for Online Course Help Services on this subject, this is everything you need to know.



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