The Witch Queen: All Questions Answered

The Witch Queen

Witch Queen Destiny expansion has been a success for numerous reasons. The expansion is filled with tons of new additions, great features, new enemies, amazing activities, and many other things. What did The Witch Queen bring into the game? Let’s talk about it in this short FAQ. 

What is The Witch Queen Campaign about? 

The sixth expansion continues the story, and this time around, it’s about the Oryx’s sister, so-called The Witch Queen, or Savathûn. Oryx appeared in the Taken King, which is Destiny’s first huge expansion. The sister is not similar to the rest of her family. She likes to use various tricks to attain her goals and is very manipulative.   visit here

What did the expansion add and introduce? 

The devs have added a great number of new things, and it seems like they aren’t planning on stopping there. Here are a few notable changes and additions that were added to D2 after the launch of the expansion:

  • The new location. Savathûn’s Throne World. This location is not something we’re used to; usually, we get just another addition to the Solar System. Throne Words are a bit different: these are actually universes created by Hive Gods who are trying to avoid the death in the universe we’re all used to.
  • Vow of Disciple raid. The Witch Queen raid is massive. It’s complicated, time-consuming, and also a pretty fun activity. Completing it would be a great idea for anyone who’s got any experience in a game and is prepared for a new type of challenge. No spoilers, but the new boss is something worth facing down. 
  • Glaives. Melee weapons in this game are just gorgeous, so most of the community was excited to learn that the new type of this weapons class was on its way to the game. The design resembles a spear, and it definitely looks majestic in hands of a Guardian. You need to get it ASAP!
  • Weapon crafting system. This is a completely new feature, and the game has definitely needed one to freshen up both the gameplay and the grind. You can’t just craft any weapon, and you’ll need a blueprint to do so. Once a weapon is crafted, you can level it up and improve its capabilities. 
  • Hive Guardians. This is a new kind of enemies that will use various strategies to destroy you. Killing those won’t be the easiest task in the game, but it will not take a lot of time for you to get used to the new mechanics. 

What are the rewards from the legendary campaign?

The Witch Queen Destiny 2 expansion introduced many new things, but one of the most interesting features is, of course, the brand new campaign. And it’s so attractive not only because of a new plot and peculiar mechanics but also because it is so generous with the rewards. Here is what you can get from completing the campaign. Keep in mind that some of these rewards are obtainable only for finishing ALL missions:

  • Double chest rewards. This means that you can get up to three chests in some cases per 1 mission. Chests often contain tons of valuable loot, such as gear, XP, Glimmer, etc.
  • Throne World armor 
  • A rare emblem 
  • Upgrade modules
  • A triumph for the most recent title
  • A gear set
  • Exotic armor 
  • Bungie rewards

What Power Level do I need to have to participate in the new activities?

The most comfortable power level for you to enjoy the expansion without any hurdles is 1350. The new power cap is 1560. Here are a few things you can do to reach it quickly:

  • Seasonal artifact
  • Gear (the better gear you get, the more PL you’ll receive)
  • Seasonal challenges 
  • Raids (don’t forget to check out the Vow of Disciple raid)
  • The Legendary difficulty of the campaign
  • PvP/PvE activities 

Completing various activities of a higher difficulty level of which can guarantee you a massive XP boost. That’s why if there are still any raids left you haven’t completed, or campaigns from DLCs that you haven’t started, it’s time for you to do it.

What are the new Witch Queen weapons?

Both the new season and the expansion welcomed a ton of exotics and weapons many players will want to have in their collection for sure. Here is what you need to unlock right now: 

  • Grand Overture MG
  • Parasite grenade launcher
  • Dead Messanger grenade launcher 
  • Osteo Striga SMG

The current meta has also shifted. The freshly added weapons are currently commonly used in both PvE and PvP activities, along with other popular guns, such as Destiny 2 Vex Mythoclast catalyst, Eyasluna, 

Should you use carry services to get done with the expansion’s and seasonal challenges?

Working with a Destiny 2 boost service is a good idea for all players who would like to progress through the leveling system faster but don’t have enough time and resources to do so. It’s hard to keep up with the game at all times, so using the Witch Queen carry services could make many things easier. Here are more perks of working with the experts:

  • Tons of weapon unlocks, you can get the new guns such as Parasite or unlock the old classics like Vex Mythoclast catalyst
  • Professional assistance with any type of activity of any difficulty level
  • 100% safe Destiny 2 characters boost
  • Bonuses for all loyal customers
  • Fast results 
  • New achievements 
  • All boring and challenging activities completed 
  • Everyday sales and regular discount

If you are ready to get started, you can team up with the Destiny 2 carry service even right now. The best professionals are ready to assist you with Destiny 2 Witch Queen, a variety of activities and challenges, leveling process, and many other things. All you need to do to get the Witch Queen boost is just message the service, and you’ll get what you need right away!


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