Casino Gambling Strategy – Winning While Relaxing at the Same Time

Casino Gambling Strategy

A gambling strategy is a plan you make before you go ahead to gamble. The purpose of a strategy is to maximize any advantage you can get when you decide to bet with real money.  You need to know that casino games are based on chances, and the outcome of your bet might be referred to as luck. However, there are some interesting things you can do to reduce the house’s edge and increase your chances.- Casino Gambling Strategy

The goal of every gambler is to be able to win while relaxing at the same time. For this to happen, firstly, you mustn’t bet with money that you are not ready to lose. Secondly, seek out some proven ways that could increase your chances.

We will discuss with you some casino gambling strategies you can adapt to help make you less worried about the outcome of your bet.

Selecting a good game is very vital as it can be the reason behind your winnings and losses, yet a lot of players don’t realize it. The concept behind choosing a good game is to choose one which has a low house edge, this will help increase your chances of winning. Try looking for games that have a low house edge, learn how to play them, and wager on them.  

  • Play more tournaments

This is a very popular strategy, even experienced players would advise you to play more tournaments, and at some point, play only tournaments. This is because playing a tournament is more profitable.

If you pay the said amount beforehand and end up winning the tournament, the prize could be a lot more valuable and rewarding than the initial amount you paid. A tournament in some games such as slots can be rewarding for not just the first position winner, but also the second and third.

A tournament is a series of games played against different opponents; this makes it possible for you to be able to plan ahead and also easier to predict.  

  • Learn how to predict loss- Casino Gambling Strategy

You are more relaxed when you already know how much you are going to lose. This game strategy will also put you in more control over your bankroll. To predict your loss, you’ll use either the return to player percentage or the house edge percentage of the casino.

Three basic detail to predict your loss are:

  • The RTP percentage or house edge percentage
  • The average size of your bets
  • How many times do you plan to bet

The calculation: Subtract the RTP percentage from 100 to get your house edge percentage, then multiply the house edge percentage, with the average size of the bet, and the number of bets, this will equal the expected loss amount.

  • Set a loss limit- Casino Gambling Strategy

This is a gambling strategy that helps you relax while you bet, it is also an effective way to manage your bankroll. Setting a loss limit means that you decide a minimum amount at which you stop playing. The amount you decide to set should be one which you are comfortable losing. This way while you play you are at ease, and you can make good decisions.

Setting a loss limit will help you keep playing long term, help play responsibly, and keep you from going bankrupt. Your loss limit could be that you take a few minutes break, or you end the session.

  • Stay away from progressive betting- Casino Gambling Strategy

There are several types of progressive betting systems such as the Fibonacci method, Martingale, and D’Alembert. While some of them are okay, you should avoid any progressive betting system that requires bigger wagers after losing a turn, whether it be spins, rolls, or hands.

These bets are too risky, such that they can cost you your whole bankroll, and they win a small amount in the short run. It can also be difficult to stop when you are playing progressive bets, as you tend to want to win back what you lose by all means.

  • Play one on one with the dealer

The casino is at a greater advantage when the dealer is playing with several players at the same time. Take this away from them by deciding to play one on one. You will realize that there is less volatility in the distribution of the cards when it is just you and the dealer.

The more players you have on the table with you, the lower your chances of getting high-value cards. With just you on the table, it is easier for you to draw the cards you need. Note that the dealer wins every time you bust. Hence, you need to have all the advantages to ensure you get high-value cards.

  • Exploit bonuses and promotions

Casinos tend to offer bonuses and promotions, the most common of which is the welcome bonuses. There are even some 100% deposit bonus casino sites. If you can take advantage of these casino bonuses and promotions in a strategic way, then you can get extra winnings.

This effectively increases your payout rate and reduces the house edge. Also, you discover that you are more relaxed when you are playing with bonuses than with your own money.


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