Styling the Suits from Lawn Collection 2021

Lawn Suit Collection

Not everyone knows what is trending and what should be applied, and on which dresses, to make them a fashion statement for a long while.

With intimate events still on the high, you would want to dress up in the trendiest wear; from choosing the best from the luxury lawn collection to styling the outfit in the latest fashion.

Styling the Suits from Lawn Collection

This year’s fashion world has many new and mixed designs for us. The traditional floral design was seen as a mix with modern contemporary designs. A mix of which created an air of confusion regarding how such pieces should be styled.

We have made a list for you, keeping the latest lawn collection fashion in mind.

Deciding which neckline suits the outfits from lawn collection 2021

  • Lace trimmings are stitched in a deep V-neck where a plain base color fabric is attached in the middle. When the pattern of the dress has too much going on in the actual design then balance the look by adding a solid statement piece in the center.

This can also be done with less messy designs, where the pattern is light but to add a statement design, you can add gems to the line of the V-neck.

  • Adding lengthy lace to the center of a shirt adds to its length and also emphasizes a color palette you will be using the lace in. There are many outfits of lawn collection 2021 that come with a contrasting dupatta with a bright shirt and trousers.

For such outfits you can always add that color to the main outfit by styling a lace starting from a collar to the navel length of the shirt, using the color of the dupatta.

  • Adding gems to the yoke of the frock can make any plain outfit chic and classy. For solid frocks add a little sparkle by getting embellishments attached to the yoke of your plain frocks. This style looks simply stunning with lighter hues.
  • Ruffles are not just used on trouser and sleeve hemlines but also attached at the edge of the necklines, be they bans or round anlakha style shirts.
  • Wide U or square shaped embroidery that starts from the edge of the neckline and ends at the navel length of the shirt. These designs are usually pre-made and can be found amongst the luxury lawn collection but even though you are unable to find the one design you fancy, you simply recreate the style by using lace or even crystal beadings.

Designing eye-catching trouser hems of your lawn suits

  • Trouser hem with embroidery and prints are back in fashion once again. Prints that go up to your knees and embroidery that is either on the edge of the trousers or takes the edge some inches up.

Use the embroidery trimmings the suits sometimes separately come with, and instead of using the trimmings on the bottom of the shirts, use them for the trouser edges. They can act as cutwork too.

The same can also be done with the bottom of your shalwars.

  • Adding curves to the edge of the trousers. Get your trousers cut in waves from the bottom to elevate the prints of your shirts. They balance the busy print of your shirt.
  • Ruffles can also be added to the bottom of your trousers, they create a chic edge to your outfit. Giving it more of a modern design.

Dupatta with a twist

  • Add loops to the 4 sides of the dupatta to add character to solid prints and designs. When some lawn suits are solid colors and plain but have a dupatta that is printed and bright then highlight the prints by adding emphasis to it by creating a borderline that catches attention.
  • Ruffles added to all 4 sides of the dupatta was a trend almost all the chic and modern designers took up this summer. The style had the power to transform just about any plain outfit into a sophisticated and modern one.

Styling sleeves to complete the look

  • Embellishments never cease to stay out of fashion, they might trend as much as they did in summers when winter arrives but lawn collections are filled with Pret that has sequin and beadings on the edges.
  • Ruffles and organza were two styles that will keep trending this summer. With organza used as a finishing edge to your sleeve and ruffles that emphasize the open edges; they both will be playing a part in making your outfits stand out this summer with the luxury lawn collection in style.
  • Lace trimmings may also be used when the lawn shirt doesn’t have any embellishment of its own. Separate laces can add personality to the outfits and turn a plain dress ready to be worn on casual semi-formal events.

Especially the lace with curves at the edges make the outfits look feminine as well as classy. Wear such outfits with heels to emphasize their added edge.



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