Saúl Adiel Álvarez

Saúl Adiel Álvarez

Who is Saúl Adiel Álvarez and what details must you know about him? Canelo Alvarez’s child is named Saul Adiel Alvarez. Saul Alvarez is one of the most illustrious fighters in boxing. Skilled fighters have won some major showdowns.

Many athletes believe that as their children grow up, they should look like them. In addition, many famous people educate and prepare their descendants to carry their legacy. However, Canelo wants his child to achieve things outside of boxing.

Additionally, Canelo promises that his child will be a fighter when he grows up. Saul also attends his father’s boxing practice. The boxer shows support for his young companion in a video that SHOWTIME Sports has captured. It is clear that the hero is providing for his child with love and respect and that all he wishes is what is best for his child.

Is Saúl Adiel Álvarez the son of Canelo Alvarez? Canelo Alvarez’s child is named Saul Adiel Alvarez. Canelo Lázaro is the father of four children by four different women. Karen Beltran, his most beloved child from his teenage years, was born in 2007. Even though Lázaro keeps in touch with Emily, the pair split up shortly after Emily was introduced to the public.

Mexican fighter Canelo Alvarez is a seasoned competitor. From light-middleweight to light heavyweight, he has triumphed in numerous noteworthy contests. These victories include three combined titles and two lineal titles.

Early Life

In the year 2018, Saúl Adiel Álvarez was born. Her parents are raising him in a Mexican city. It is unknown exactly when he was born. The details of his early life are seldom known. Even the location of his birth has not been made public. He is an extremely self-assured youngster that lives in an opulent setting.

He benefits from Mexican rights and privileges. Alvarez hasn’t mentioned his religious convictions in conversation. He has Mexican ancestry.

Academic Life

Alvarez, a young person, goes to school to learn. However, he has not provided information on his academic background or the school where he would receive his degree.

Alvarez most likely attends a small school in his hometown. His parents work to keep his identity secret for safety and privacy reasons.

Height, weight, and physical characteristics

His appealing black eyes and brown hair are notable features of his look. The celebrity child has the right height and weight for his age, even if he hasn’t revealed his exact measurements.

Furthermore, Alvarez has not provided his height, weight, or size information. He has no tattoos or body piercings because he is still a child. He’ll surely become a handsome man when he grows up.


Saúl Adiel Álvarez was born into a Mexican-American household. He is the son of Mexican professional boxer Canelo Alvarez and entrepreneur Nadia Sepulveda. Despite their busy schedules, his parents make time to spend with their kids. They frequently appear together in public. Alvarez’s parents have given him all the love, attention, and assistance he needs. He had a prosperous background.

Canelo’s father’s background

Mexican boxer Canelo is a professional. He is among the best boxers of the twenty-first century. He has won numerous world titles in four different weight divisions, ranging from light-middleweight to light-heavyweight. According to BoxRec, Alvarez is the top active boxer in the world, pound for pound.

Canelo's father's background

Regarding his personal life, Santos Saul Alvarez Baragan was born on July 18, 1990, in a neighborhood of Guadalajara, Mexico. Of his eight siblings, he is the oldest. They went to Juanacatlán, Jalisco, from Los Reyes, Michoacán, where they had previously lived, in quest of greater possibilities and a better quality of life.

Saul Adiel Alvarez’s Age

2018 saw the birth of Saul Adiel Alvarez, who is now 4 years old. Saul Alvarez was born in 2018 to Canelo Alvarez and his ex-girlfriend and business partner, Nelda Sepulveda. Sal’s parents did split up after he was born, though. The celebrity kid now resides with his mother as a result.

The kid of Canelo Alvarez also has half-sisters from his father’s multiple extramarital affairs, even though he has no biological siblings. His older half-sister Emily Cinnamon Alvarez is an equestrian who has competed in numerous international events.

More about Canelo Alvarez’s wife and family

Fernanda Gomez is the name of Cancelo Alvarez’s wife. His ancestors are from Michoacán’s Los Reyes. At five, his family went to Juanacatlán, Jalisco. Fernanda and Canelo also hit it off immediately after meeting at a charity dinner in 2016. Soon after, they began dating but kept the union private and unnoticed.

More about Canelo Alvarez's wife and family

That is until they were present at Las Vegas’s Jewel Nightclub, toasting his victory over Julio César Chávez Jr. When the couple divorced in 2017, Fernanda was expecting a child, but they later made amends. She has since sat ringside, and Canelo has been happy to give her a piece of his triumph.

Saul Adiel Alvarez’s Siblings

Three siblings make up Saul Adiel Alvare’s family. They go under the names Emily Cinnamon Alvarez, Maria Fernanda Alvarez, and Mia Ener Alvarez. Marisol González, a sports reporter for Televisa Deportes and a former Miss Mexico Universe 2003, was dating Alvarez.

Wikipedia states that he wed Marisol González in 2005. He also wed Fernanda Gómez, his girlfriend of 15 years, in May 2021 at the Guadalajara Cathedral in Mexico. Additionally, he is the father of one son and three daughters from different moms. Although Saúl Adiel Álvarez doesn’t have a personal Instagram page, his father, Canelo Alvarez, routinely posts pictures of him there.

Moreover, under the username @canelo, more images of his family are accessible. Saul Adiel Alvarez and his father, Saul Adelio Alvarez, are pictured together on this verified account, which has amassed over 13.2 million followers and 1479 posts as of this writing.

Who is the mother of Saul Adiel Alvarez?

Less information about Nelda, contrary to his father, is well-known worldwide due to his boxing prowess. She gave birth to the famed boxer’s lone son, which is all currently known about her. She is a Mexican woman.

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Furthermore, her birthplace, age, family history, and type of upbringing have all been kept a secret from the general public. According to some reports, she is an actress that appeared in HBO Boxing in 2015. The program has broadcasted and reenacted the most memorable scenes from some of the top HBO fights. It was all about Saúl Adiel Álvarez and his life.


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