Reasons To Choose CBSE Schools


The Indian education system is among the most successful and widely recognised worldwide. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) plays a pivotal role in determining India’s educational landscape.

Choosing a CBSE school in Bangalore can be intimidating, but there are plenty of reasons why it might be your best option for your child’s education. Let’s look at the top few reasons to choose a CBSE school.

Accredited/Awarded by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

The CBSE is considered India’s most credible, reliable and consistent performance-based examination board. It has a history of conducting more than five million examinations annually and has always been integral to the country’s educational landscape.

The CBSE conducts examinations at three levels:

  • Class 10th
  • Class 12th

Two Entrance Exams Conducted by CBSE

The two entrance exams conducted by the CBSE are:

Class 12th (also known ) – is used for admissions to Class XII schools in India. There are over 96000 schools that have been accredited to offer this exam. The exam consists of three sections and tests the candidate’s ability to handle quantitative, verbal and reasoning skills. The exam is completed in 7 hours.

The CBSE is an Affluent and Elite Institution

The CBSE schools are known to be one of India’s most affluent and elite institutions. Their students possess high levels of preparation, scores and higher marks in other competitive exams. institutes have a history of producing the best prospects and leaders for India’s political landscape and future industries.

CBSE Schools Have a Long-Standing History

Most schools in India that offer CBSE curriculums have more than 100 years of history. These elite schools are known for their excellent infrastructure, facilities, and education quality. The list of CBSE schools in Bangalore is also known for their high-quality teachers, student engagement and minimal class size.

Schools Offer a Full-Week Programme

Most CBSE schools offer a full-week programme and cater to students with and without special needs. The students can enrol here if they wish to attend classes for seven days, five or four days.

Facilities at CBSE Schools

As much as the schools are known to be elite, they also provide the highest standard of facilities across the major cities in India. These facilities include:

Classrooms that are well equipped with top-of-the-range teaching aids and equipment

Well-maintained sports grounds and playgrounds

Plenty of places to sit, relax and socialise away from classrooms. These could be benches, sitting corners or even comfortable open spaces provided by the school administration.

Wi-Fi connectivity in many schools across India works around a 24×7 cycle. The working hours can vary, but generally, there will be Wi-Fi connectivity in most public areas of the school campus.

The Schools Have Excellent Infrastructure

The CBSE schools are known to be one of the best in terms of infrastructure, as they have excellent student facilities. These schools offer students:

Fifteen thousand classrooms – where 20-25 students can study together simultaneously. This makes for an informal learning environment better suited to children’s needs.

Full-fledged laboratories equipped with the latest equipment for science and mathematics.


There are plenty of reasons to choose Skoolz. Over 96000 schools have been authorised by the board the conduct Class 12th examinations in India. The board is also responsible for conducting two entrance exams: exams are highly popular among students applying for professional courses like engineering and medicine. 


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