Perfume atomizer-Scent Pump Case


You may immediately refill your spray using any standard perfume bottle thanks to the Genie-S technology. Ready for use, useful, and fashionable Up to 65 sprays of your preferred fragrance are possible from the 5ml engine bottle. With this refillable perfume atomizer, you may effortlessly transfer your fragrance without spills or risky air exposure.

The demand for perfume atomizers for domestic use is also very significant. Kitchen items that are both useful and fashionable include glass spice jars, square spice jars, and various varieties. Because they are so stylish, several homes opt to utilize one as a countertop decoration. More homes are starting to use transparent glass bottles and glass jars for storage in an effort to become more sustainable.

Regarding this product

  • Each unit has a 5ml capacity. There are 4 components in each set, as well as a clear vial that lets you see how much perfume is left inside.
  • Simple And Effective
  • Traveling is simple with this container for a perfume atomizer.
  • Place the bottom close to the preferred aroma gauge, and then keep clicking to fill it. Simple to use and simple to refill.
  • Excellent QUALITY – You don’t have to worry about the atomizer breaking if you drop it because it is made of durable glass inside and high-quality aluminum exterior. 
  • Each capacity unit contains 5ml. Each set contains 4 pieces in 4 various colours. To make it simple to tell how much perfume is left, use a clear vial.

1. Portable and lightweight

One problem with perfume bottles is that, despite their stunning, eye-catching shapes, they are rarely suitable for travel. It might also be exceedingly hefty. A perfume atomizer, which is small enough to fit in a small handbag, a backpack pocket, or baggage, can be used to alleviate this issue. By doing this, you can fly without ever having a problem again.

Therefore, whether you’re going on a long journey or merely to a big party, you can always have perfume with you.

2. Sturdy: perhaps eternal

Despite the fact that it is lightweight and seems rather delicate, especially when compared to the other goods in your suitcase, do not be fooled by the appearance of your perfume atomizers. In reality, genuine, branded perfume atomizers are incredibly durable.

Unless you are holding a 100-kilogram dumbbell that could tip over your perfume atomizer, there is no need to be alarmed. In order to make sure that perfume atomizers can last for a long time and won’t be easily “squashed,” many companies that sell them have taken safety measures.


  • Remove the spray tip from your perfume atomizer bottle and take the inner bottle out of the case.
  • Fill with a pump.
  • You’re all set to go; just spray and have fun.


Even though simple atomizers are the cheapest way to share or test perfumes, I’ll probably opt for Nordstrom’s Atomizers when it comes to decanting favorite perfumes for my own use because they are small, made of glass (I prefer it to plastic), have protective covers, come in a variety of colours, and are not much more expensive than a full bottle. Even if Flo is easier to refill and even better protected, I still wouldn’t have chosen it even though I only use those three colours for my all-time favorites.


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