Nursing Facts: 8 Things You Should Know About the Nursing Profession


If you have a nursing career or planning to become one find out the fact first and know why you need to continue or not. Nurse are in demand profession when the pandemic started and their demand is still continuously rising. Working with a staffing agency can also be a good opportunity to find better offers and immediate jobs. You can check on a trusted staffing agency for nurses in Lafayette.

Candidates Can Choose from More Than One Hundred Nursing Professions

As a nurse, you can choose from a wide range of opportunities since there are many kinds of nurses, and most healthcare facilities accept nurses that are not specialized in the position they are looking for as well as who is experienced and licensed. Nurses can work in many faculties such as hospitals, offices, schools, and many more healthcare facilities. With this number of places, they can work the opportunity for nurses is wider than you thought. 

Nearly 3 Million Nurses Are Employed in the United States

The United States has one of the highest numbers of working nurses. The nurses are needed to cover the medical needs of people in the US. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected that in 2026 the number of open nursing jobs will hit 3,393,200. This means the demand for nurses in the US is indeed high and despite the high number of nurses, the US has now the need still continues to rise. Therefore as a nurse, you can target the US as your working place.

Nurses Deliver Most of the Nation’s Long-Term Care

The nurses are the main healthcare workers who assist patients in their needs. Since they are flexible when it comes to getting assigned to different departments they mostly do the jobs of keeping and providing for the needs of the patients when it comes to medical assistance and care they need. Due to this nursing career has been one of the most needed to be able to meet the demands of nurses everywhere in the world. 

Demand Is High for Home Health Care Nurses

To aid hospitals’ need home healthcare has been established to allow patients to get the medical care they need despite not having to stay in the hospital. Some patients can be able to recover faster if they are in the comfort of their homes and nurses are the ones who come to give their service. This setup has also given more job opportunities to nurses s8nce they are not only limited to working in healthcare facilities but can also serve as nurses for people who need their services but prefers to have home health care services. 

There are 80 and more specializations in nursing

Imagine how many specialists nurses can have, with this number they can never run out of things to learn and skills to enhance. When nurses have specialization they can get more job opportunities they can also be exposed to new specializations which can help them advance their career since they can get new skills from performing a different task that is beyond their specialization. 

Nurses not only cater to Medical Care 

The line of work for nurses is providing medical care to their patients, however, the truth is they have to work the extra mile once they do their duties. Most of the time nurses acts as emotional support for year patients and some even extend to becoming a housekeeper if they work as home healthcare nurses. There is a lot to be done when your are a nurse, you can not limit your service to the duties and responsibilities you signed in your contract 

Nurses should master a lot of Skills 

Nurses are exposed to many conditions and circumstances where they have to act and respond fast. As a nurse, they have to master a lot of skills be they medical or non-medical. Skills and knowledge are essential to nurses since this is their weapon in combating the challenges they face when they are assigned to different patients who have different illnesses and conditions. 

Nurse walk 4-miles for each 12-hour shift

If you are a nurse you have to have strong legs since nurses who work 12-hour shift has been estimated to walk 4 miles for the whole shift. The nurse goes around the healthcare facility to check on patients, run some procedures, and do many other things. 


It will be a wise move to know these facts before you start your career as a nurse. 



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