Lucky Crush

Lucky Crush


The lucky crush is a new lazy way to spend your time. Completely free and super easy, enjoy an endless stream of coins while playing this addictive game. It is a fun and simple game where you move the cursor to draw tiles into a cross-shaped pattern until one of your tiles matches the head of a lucky crush boy! When you do this, you can take him home with you.

It is a Live Chat App

Lucky crush is a live chat app that lets you flirt with people over text and voice chat. It is accessible and available on iPhone and Android. It is a common user chat service and social media program accessible online. This App instantly connects you to your friends, family, and acquaintances by letting you chat and make new friends while enjoying a funny live chat game.

The lucky crush is the easiest way to flirt with someone without seeming too pushy or creepy. More than 5,000 people use the software, with a large percentage living in the United States and Canada. You can decide how and what to ask your attraction through online chats.

If you want to give the conversation more direction, you can add things like “I love this song” or “What are your hobbies?” before asking your question. Once your conversation concludes, the lucky crush will send them a personal message from whichever user answered their question first. After this initial meeting, there are various techniques to stay in touch.

Again, it depends on what type of relationship you’re looking for yourself. For example, one person wants something more personal than just chatting about movies; another wants someone else’s opinion about something specific, etcetera.

Lucky crush lets users choose what questions they want to be answered (or not asked), then answer them in real-time using their own words or an automated response based on the options they pick. You can also choose if your crush should get a personal message from another user who answered one of your questions.

The popularity of this App

If you’re in the U.S., Canada, or the UK and Ireland, chances are good that the App is popular there too. It’s also popular in Australia, New Zealand, India, and Pakistan.

The best way to use Urbanscrub is by asking questions that lead people down interesting paths of thought—for example: “Can you tell me about how your lifestyle has changed over time?” or “What kinds of things do people need access to when they move around town?”

These questions can lead people into conversations about their own lives and experiences that might never have occurred if they didn’t prompt them.

You can choose how to talk

Lucky crush is a sophisticated app that allows you to choose how to talk. Listen, challenge, and share a story.

You can choose how to talk

You can choose how to talk with your crush and what questions to ask them. If you’re feeling overburdened, discuss yourself. Ask as many questions as you want. Use your voice and the confidence from knowing it’s all happening.

You can also decide whether or not you’d like the conversation to be private so that only the two of you can see each other. The App will send you a personal message from the person who answered after their conversation concludes.

Lucky crush is the next-generation live chat app with the same chat room experience as Teamspeak and Skype but with more features. Also, it is a live chat app with features like pictures and GIFs. Engage in conversation with your crush to pique your interest and enjoy the experience the most.

It might also use these inquiries to imply something like that without explicitly meaning it:

“Do you like my new shirt?” (With a smile)

“Do my shoes make me look fat?”

“How do I look in my new pink hat?”

It is simple to draw someone’s gaze in this way

Lucky crush is a revolutionary new way to capture the attention of your crush, friend, or partner.

It’s a simple method to catch someone’s recognition. It makes no difference whether you are alone or in a dating. This App assists you in finding the appropriate mate.

It is simple to draw someone's gaze in this way

You can get someone’s attention by talking to them and making them start liking you. Lucky crushes can also be useful in finding out information about a person, such as their name, age, and from where they belong.

You can send it to someone you’re crushing on or use it as an icebreaker when you run into them at the shops or bump into each other. A lucky crush is a unique and fun way to begin a conversation with the one you adore.

The App makes it easy to find people in your area and across the country, and you can use it to talk with friends who live far away. It’s also a great way to pass the time because plenty of games are available on a lucky crush.

A free app called Lucky Crush can help you stand out from the crowd. It’s entertaining, quick, and simple! Take a selfie, and voila! You have a new best buddy. It has quickly become one of the most popular apps accessible. It’s simple to use and packed with features that make conversing with someone enjoyable and interactive. Before asking a question, you may choose how much data to disclose to them and what questions you want to be answered.


Are you a lucky one? If yes, you need a lucky crush to know your prayers happen true! With the new live chat apps and financial services by lucky crush, you can collect your wish cards and get them answered. It is a reasonable method to predict what is to come. Try it out immediately yourself.

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