Jo Jezebel Wadsworth

Jo Jezebel Wadsworth


Life is too short to spend it in looking at time-wasting information. If you really want to make your time useful, then go for the information regarding Jo Jezebel Wadsworth that you will surely enrich your brain and offer you an experience of a lifetime. Sometimes some events in the world will help you understand that fame is not a limited aspect. In fact, it is quite broadened.

The fame might not find you even after the struggle of tens of years, but it may find a child born in the cart of an already famous personality. Thus the principles of fame are quite diversified. Thus, if we go through the details, we will learn that the information regarding star kids is currently trending on the internet. This article will give you some major details regarding the famous Jo Jezebel Wadsworth.

Jo Jezebel Wadsworth, a name to look up on the internet

Jo Jezebel Wadsworth has been the subject of several queries on the internet. Thus if we go through the available information, then we will learn that she is a star kid. Jo Jezebel Wadsworth is none other than the daughter of the famous actor Benjamin Wadsworth and Stella Maeve. Recently the news regarding her birth was broken on the news platforms.

The personal details

The birth profile

Jo Jezebel Wadsworth happens to be extremely lucky because she has been enjoying fame from the very first day she landed on this planet. Now, if we talk about some crucial details, then the very first thing on the board will be the date of birth. The information suggests that Jo Jezebel Wadsworth was born on January 19th, 2020. Thus by making some simple calculations, we can say that she is currently two years old. Soon she will hit the mark of three.

Some important details

If you are wondering about the birthplace information, it would be Los Angeles, USA. The date of birth also gave us insight into the zodiac sign, which happens to be Aquarius. The name of the medical facility where her birth took place is Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical center.

The absence of information

Jo Jezebel Wadsworth happens to be a popular topic on the internet. Still, the lack of information regarding her personal life makes it impossible to keep the fans updated. The biggest hindrance in this particular matter is nothing other than the lower age mark. Because of reduced age, we cannot get more information regarding most of the sections of her life that will only be filled once she ages.

The information about the parents

In the absence of the details regarding Jo Jezebel Wadsworth, we must go for the information about the famous parents. Although you have heard their name, but you might not remember them by their names. So in this article, we will also walk you through their personal life too.

The details regarding Benjamin Wadsworth

If we start with the information regarding the famous father, then we will learn that Benjamin Wadsworth happens to be an actor. He is also famous, whose acting career can be dated back to 2013. You might remember him playing the character of Marcus Lopez Arguello in the famous series Deadly Class.

The film career

If we look at the filmography of the famous father, we will learn that he has been associated with the tv and film sectors. If we start with the information about the film sector, then he made his debut in the industry from a short film named “This is Houston”. He played the character of Ben. This short film was released in 2013. Till today there are a total of 19 films in which Benjamin has starred in major roles.

The film career

The tv series career

Now, if we move on to the small screen or the tv series, we will learn that the famous actor has been a part of almost ten TV series from time to time. He made his debut performance in 2013 in the famous tv series “More than Human” with the character named Alex. Recently he appeared in “Tell Me Lies,” released in 2022, with the character of Drew in all ten episodes.

The details of the star mother, Stella

The details of the mother are also of the utmost importance. The available information helps us understand that the complete name of the star mother is Stella Maeve Johnson. She happens to be active in the entertainment sector years before her partner. She joined the industry in 2005 and is still active today. Her role in several tv series, including the Runaways powered by Marvel and the Chicago PD, brought her into the light.

The film career

Now, if we look at the star mother’s career profile, we will find that she made her debut performance in the film sector with the character of Kat in Liminality, which was released in 2005. Currently, the total of films in which she depicted her excellent acting skills is marked as 18.

The tv series career

Moving on, if we talk about her television profile, then we will learn that she has been a part of 19 different tv series at different times over the past 17 years of her acting career. She made her debut performance in Law & Order: Criminal Intent with the role of Sylvie Skoler and Gloria Barton. This was in 2005.

The tv series career

The relationship overview

If we talk about the relationship life of the famous couple, then we will learn that Benjamin and Stella got engaged in the year 2019. The very next year, they got a baby named Jo Jezebel Wadsworth. Currently, their marital status is marked as unmarried.

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Jo Jezebel Wadsworth is the star kid whose life will be simply awesome because she happens to be the daughter of an awesome couple. Although currently we are witnessing the deficiency of the information, but we hope that we will soon get our hands on something truly extra ordinary to peak your interest.


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